Why do People Hate the Red Pill?

I recently came across the deadbedrooms subreddit.  It’s always interesting to read guys in their 40s accounts of how shitty their sex lives are.  As a male in my 20s, it gives me an example not to aspire to.

But what’s more interesting is the hate that the red pill gets in non-red pill parts of Reddit.  In particular, I found one exchange where a guy who wasn’t getting any from his wife was advised to check out the red pill subreddit for self improvement advice.  He declined, saying that he’d ‘never check out anything red pill or associated with it.’

Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 9.52.03 AM

Why the blind hatred?

The guy whose not getting laid says, “The thought of any form of manipulation seems, just ‘icky,'”

So…you’re expecting sex with your wife to just ‘happen?’

Obviously that’s not been working out for you, buddy.  Self-improvement is not manipulation.

Neither is playing in a band, having a few girls come up to you after the show and give you their number while your girlfriend is watching. But it sure as hell makes your GF realize that she shouldn’t hold sex above your head.

The best way to predict the future is to create it.

So, that is my question to you.  Why are you skeptical about the ‘red pill?’  Really all it is is a bunch of men trying to improve their lives, and yes, lay hotter women.  Last time I checked that’s what men have been hard-wired to do for centuries.


4 responses to “Why do People Hate the Red Pill?

  1. these guys who hate the red pill really see themselves as prince charming but if you call them a white knight they will deny it. they think they are special & unique & that just being themselves they can make things work. they refuse to see that what they’ve been doing is not working. they are in such denial.

  2. He’s a follower, playing it safe can of course be a practical strategy, and when he says he wants an “equitable” solution with his “partner” what he really means is that he wants her to tell him what to do, like she has throughout the entire relationship. But a woman isn’t a real leader, she just orders things to suit herself

  3. Most women are Red Pill by default, whether they are aware of it or not – does not matter. They act upon their basic programming with oblivious abandon and happiness fulfilling the entire gamut of their hypergamous desires. Red Pill just teaches the reality and the real attraction process. Learning it does not mean that you must become a Player – you can just become a man your wife craves.

    But most guys believe the crap about Game being manipulation and coercion since it helps the feminine imperative. “You guys should not know about this!”

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