The Month of Money

I have decide that, for various reasons, February will be the month where my #1 focus is to make and save ton of money.

My goal is $3700 gross income (after taxes). My monthly expenses will probably be around $1300-$1500 after loans, rent, bills, and groceries, leaving me with $2000+ in savings.

Why? Because February sucks anyway.  I’d rather work my ass off now than in the summer when I plan to be enjoying the good life.

How do I plan to do this?

#1: Working a ton.

Yea yea yea, we’d all love to make $1000 per month with passive income, but I am a server at a restaurant where I average $150-$250 in tips per night, so I exchange my hours for dollars.  During the first four days of this month, I have made $565 in tips working just three days. If I work 5-6 shifts per week I could make anywhere between 2600-3700 depending on my sections/tables. I’m lucky I work at a busy damn restaurant—Even in Febraury.  I’m also signing up with freelance catoring company to fill in days when I don’t work with my home restaurant.

#2: Not drinking alcohol.

I am not drinking alcohol in the month of February.  After I kept track of my drinking tabs in January, (thanks MINT!), I realized that I could pay my $300+ per month student loan bill if I simply didn’t drink alcohol.  So I just don’t see a point—what am I celebrating? Being in debt?  Not drinking is also easier if I am working a ton.

#3: Cooking from home/not eating out.

My breakfast every day is eggs, toast with butter, and avocado. Delicious, healthy, and cheap.  I made a big pot of chili yesterday, and that is four solid meals I have saved for myself now.  I will not be drinking coffee at Starbucks.  I will be bringing tea bags to Starbucks when I have to do work, and asking for a free cup of hot water.

#4: Passive Income sources.

Almost a year ago, I created a hosting reviews website that Optimizes for one longtail keyword in particular.  I’ve made $260 from the site a little over 6 months, which isn’t much, but it isn’t chump change either.  So I’ve decided to expand the site and optimize for multiple keywords to see what happens.  I’m treating it like a fun game.  Instead of going out and getting shitfaced, only to wake up and feel shitty, I could possibly wake up and find that I’ve had another signup and have some more money in my account. What’s the worst that could happen? 

As much as I would like to focus on other goals right now, they are just going to have to take a back seat for the moment.  I need to finish writing and producing a screenplay I wrote.  I need to keep working out.  I need to pick up the guitar in preparation for when my band’s busy season hits.  Those won’t disappear.  But February, this shitty, snowy, short month, will be primarily for making money.

2 responses to “The Month of Money

  1. Nice plan. Eveything sounds tight. Eating out is a huge money waster. Alcohol at a bar/restaurant is too.
    The snow/cold weather is killing me right now but i’m in upstate New York, right on the southern shores of Lake Ontario. What state/ area are you in?

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