Patrice O’Neal

Patrice O’Neal is one of the greatest comics of the last decade.  He is my personal favorite as he is the master of getting the audience to like him just enough that he can be a huge asshole.  Just about everything that comes out of his mouth has to do with uncomfortable sexual truths.  His last special before he passed, Elephant in the Room, is hilarious and at the same time an amazing commentary on the PC times we live in.

Why Mr. O’neal likes dogs more than women (good-naturedly, of course):

Not many could get away with what Patrice does.  Here, he asks: Ladies, why can’t I harass you?  (12:50)

Patrice explains what the ‘angry pirate’ is to Fox News commentators, calls them out for name-calling, and generally embarrasses them.  The best part is that you can hear the camera crew laughing in the background:

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