How Game makes the World a Better Place


Feminists and manboobs like to shit on game as a concept, but the truth is that even a rudimentary knowledge of game puts a man way ahead of the fellas who don’t understand it.

You’re just learning game to sleep with girls, say the naysayers. Well, A) yes, and B) so the fuck what? Actually what you are doing is improving your ability to connect with women on a deeper emotional level…which often ends in sex.

This is a story about the first second girl I ever used “game” on. I was never bad at getting with girls, but after gaining a rudimentary understanding of some pickup principles, my ability to escalate with them rose to a new level.

Elevated so much, in fact, that after spending just about 3 hours total with a Chilean girl one night, she later wrote me a 20 page letter to me detailing how our encounter changed her life for the better.

*     *     *

I was lonewolfing in Santiago, Chile on one of those touristy bar crawls you find in capital cities where you pay $15 to drink for free for a few hours.

Fresh out of my 2 years of Peace Corps service, I was accustomed to not speaking English for weeks at a time. Thus I was looking to meet some cool locals that night. However, at this barcrawl, there were zero Chileans. It was all tourists—mostly Americans. This disappointed me.

A few minutes after the bar crawl started, a camera crew appeared with an attractive news anchor. I observed her as she walked around the bar with her crew, trying to interview already drunk Americans in the bar. She would only stay with each person for about 30 seconds.

After about 15 minutes of this, she walked to the front of the bar and sat down, looking bored.

I walked up to her and spoke to her in Spanish:

“That’s a big camera you got there. Are you making a movie?”

“Oh, I’m supposed to be doing a story on the bar crawl and interviewing people, but no one here speaks Spanish… wait do you speak Spanish?”


She smiled. “Oh. Can I interview you?”

“I suppose so” I said with a smirk.

I ranted about how I thought this was the dumbest barcrawl I’ve seen, that the one in Buenos Aires was way more fun because there was at least some cultural exchange with Argentines, and if I wanted to get drunk with all Americans I could do that anywhere in the U.S. She then tried to figure out what I was doing in South America, what the Peace Corps was, etc. Eventually she just turned off the camera and kept asking me questions. I told her she should join us and have drinks. She said no, but she would show me around the city the next day.

The Date

We met the next day in the centro, and she showed me around a little bit before we headed to a pizza place. I decided that during this date, I would apply stuff I learned from Bang and I The Game, both of which I had just read while on my trip.

While we ate pizza, I tried out some routines on her. I guessed which number she was thinking of between 1-10 (7) and then ran Roosh’s “Strawberry Game” on her. For strawberry game, you basically tell a girl to picture a field of strawberries, then ask her questions about the field: “How high is the fence? How many do you stop and eat right there? What do you say when the farmer accuses you of stealing his strawberries?” and then the answers are interpretations of how open she is with her sexuality. Girls love this shit.

As I spoke, I almost started to trip over my words as I noticed that Liz was, staring at my eyes with her mouth half open, hanging on my every word. She was riveted.

“Your fence is a little high,” I told her. “You find it difficult to open up to people, especially sexually.”

“Oh my gosh,” She replied. I honestly thought she might slap me since I barely knew her and was making assumptions about her.

“That is incredible,” she said.

Holy shit, this shit works? I thought.

We exited restaurant. She began to walk ahead of me. I decided to try another one of Roosh’s maneuvers.

“Ahem,” I said. I pointed to my arm, extended in the ‘grab onto me’ position.

“Oh, okay,” she complied, and grabbed on to my arm as I walked her back to the subway.

“We’ll just go to my place for few minutes. I need to show you something.”

I had to skype with another girl so I made her wait in my lobby for a half hour while I went up my room, aka the apartment where I was couchsurfing. Eventually she came up, I showed her some youtube video, then we started going at it, making out. Clothes were coming off.

I tried every LMR tactic in the book to make something happen, at least a BJ, but I couldn’t break through:

“I…I can’t,”

“Why not?”

“You’re leaving in just a few days.”


“….And….I just broke up with my boyfriend of 5 years,” she started tearing up a little bit.

Is that who keeps calling you?”

“Yes…but it’s over. I told him it’s over…”

“You are so amazing,” she continued. “You’ve made me believe in love again. You have no idea what you’ve done for me. You were so right about the fence around my strawberry field. It’s up high right now.”

Seriously. Nice job Roosh.

I said goodbye after our experience with little intention of ever talking to her again, especially since I was living the country in a few days. She would send me emails every few days, and I ignored them all.

About a month after I had left, she sent me a 20 page word document narrative of our experience together and how it changed her life, titled “Strawberries: Nothing is the same since that day.”

The interesting thing is that it includes her perspective of all of the events that took place, including how she felt when she had ‘game’ and ‘routines’ run on her.

The moral of the story is that game changes lives, my friends. Take those emotions into your own hands. And enjoy the ride. If you haven’t already, I would definitely recommend Roosh’s Bang as well as Niel Strauss’s The Game to get you started on your journey. Not that you should take both books 100% literally and start running routines on girls. But you have to start somewhere. And who knows, you might change a life!

I’m including the document as a way of verifying this story.  It’s in Spanish.  She even titled the document ‘Strawberries’ when she sent it to me. Even just a little game can put you far, far ahead of the curve, gentlemen.

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