The Shedded by Summer Challenge

In JSpoosh’s latest podcast episode he issues the shredded by summer challenge–a comparison of selfies between now and April 20.  Maybe it will be Summer in Cali by then, but in the midwest it’s still snowing so I’m giving myself until the first of June to hit my targets.  I’ve been on a roll lately with lifting so I am indeed throwing my pasty Irish-American ass into the ring. Here are two current selfies:

photo (44)

photo (45)


My lifting goals for the start of summer:

1) Bench 225 (current 205)

2) Squat 265 (current 245)

3) Weigh 200 lbs (current 186)

4) Once I have 1, 2, and 3 down, Up the number of reps and go for more definition.  Ideally I’d look like this:



But ya know, that’s probably after a few months of straight salads and protein. Maybe a cocktail now and then.

I’ll post a couple more selfies in the coming months to chart progress.  I know I look pasty as hell in these pics–I’m going to blame my white skin b/c I’m in pretty decent damn shape right now, been getting a solid amount of looks. A solid amount of them are from girls too, so that’s a plus.

It’s been a long winter, boys.  Can’t wait to hit those Chicago beaches this summer.




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