Staple Foods of the Red Pill Man

A red pill man understands that the food he ingests is the most basic demonstration of value for one’s self.  It’s not rocket science, you eat good, you feel good.  The question I would like to pose today is, What are the staple foods of the red pill man?

Ideally, these foods need to be:

1)   Healthy

2)   Calorie dense

3)   Reasonably priced

4)   Fun to eat/easy to make


If I’m being honest, my staple foods are these:

1)   Avocados – So healthy, and cheap (.50 per avocado from Aldi)

2)   Eggs – Lots of bang for your buck here as well

3)   Sweet Potatoes – pretty good deal.  Delicious.  Takes decent prep though.

4)   Milk (Vitamin D) – I’m Irish, so I am very lactose tolerant.  Ideally, once I get up to about 200 lbs of muscle I would consider cutting out dairy, however.

5)   Steaks – Good steaks can be around $7/lb.  I used to think that was kind of expensive…until I considered that I won’t bat an eye at dropping $6 + tip for a Guinness when I go out drinking.

6)   Hamburgers (I eat out at least 3x/week) – so easy to eat, and a lot of places around me have dollar burger nights.  Not ideal in theory, but in practice I find it a good option for keeping up calorie intake.

7)   Chipotle Burritos.

8)   Bread- I didn’t eat bread for a while.  But when it’s just so damn easy to eat, dammit.

9)   Fish – In theory, I eat lots of fish.  In PRACTICE, I always forget to dethaw them, then don’t have enough time to cook the salmon filets I buy. But I try to sneak in fish, especially sushi grade whenever I can.

Things I never eat:

1) Processed food – items from the grocery store that list about 20 products in their ingredients. Especially cereal.

2) Juice/soda – Drinking juice is basically just drinking sugarwater.  Even NAKED juices admitted they put a bunch of artificial shit in their juice.

3) Vending machine chips

4)Pastas – I’ll have a pasta here and there, but gone are the days when I would slam a bunch of pasta and red sauce after a run.

My meals today look like this:

Breakfest: 3 Eggs, 1 Avocado, 2 pieces of toast & milk.  3 eggs=$.75, avocado=$.50, 2 bread= $.25, milk = $.25

(write/work on online business)

Preworkout Lunch: A PB&J and a protein shake $.50


Early Dinner/late lunch: Tacos w/ carnita meat (free gift from GF’s dad)

(go to work)

4th Meal: Pork on the bone.  I’ll get this from the restaurant I work at for $9, and it’s damn delicious.

What are your everyday staple foods?

4 responses to “Staple Foods of the Red Pill Man

  1. Home made re fried beans, basically pintos cooked in a crock pot over night and blended into a paste, good for everything from dips to a side dish, just go easy on the salt and heavy on the hot sauce to flavor

    Cook a large pork roast once a week, it becomes everything from a filler for a sammie, and side dish to eggs, to ingredients in a stir fry, very versatile and very cheap.


    Try this recipe for whole chickens.

    I get 5 pound birds ($2.09 / lb) from Nature’s Promise at Giant. The website above says 3-3.5 lbs but it always cooks perfectly with the larger birds I get.

    Cook it, slice it half and then you’ve got two huge muscle meals. It goes really well with an apple and peanut/almond butter on the side. Also unsweetened almond milk with protein supplement (lactose intolerant).

    Your palette looks legit. I’m sure you’re getting big.

  3. Almonds, walnuts, pecans, pumpkin and sunflower seeds(not fried in any oils) make a great snack. Celery/apples with almond butter rocks!
    Guacamole and eggs are great.
    I try to avoid carbs but its nearly impossible.
    You should try grass fed, pastured beef without hormones or antibiotics. Its a bit more expensive but worth it.

  4. Breakfast – dried fruit, nuts and milk followed by a natural protein shake

    Morning snack – unflavoured popcorn

    Lunch – 2 chicken breasts, new potatoes and vegetables

    Dinner – Fish/Tuna mixed with wholewheat pasta

    Helps me maintain a good level of protein whilst putting on the calories. Usually take a vitamin supplement as well to ensure I’m topped up

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