The Best of the New Manosphere

2014 is here, and in 2013’s honor, I’d like to throw down some linkage to my favorite blogs in the manosphere.

My attitude toward blogging is somewhat selfish.  I write whatever I want as more of a diary of observations from a somewhat ‘red pill’ perspective.  I don’t claim to be any guru of pickup or some super poignant writer, and I’ll never sell anything on this site.  For me, my blog is an outlet of personal observation peppered with some self improvement lessons that I have learned–things that have worked for me.  I read the manosphere the same way.

Laid is one of the clutchest new bloggers of 2013, obviously a very smart guy with a masters in womanizing.  His blogging voice and observational ability makes him one of the best amateur blogs I’ve read.

Very entertaining blog.  I also like the sort of rural small town spin The Bastard Son puts on things.  And don’t miss this fight story.  This made me angry that I’ve never been in a blood drawing fight: and

Jsploosh is a cool blogger, has some great posts and seems very motivated.  It’s also cool to see his girl blogging about girl game.  No doubt they’ll each have some fun shit to come in 2014.

Aurini is relatively new to the sphere but has come on strong.  I also respect the fact that he is out in the open.

One more for now, this blog I just find hilarious.  I stumbled across it a few weeks ago.  This guy from Toronto just blogs about his crazy sexcapades:

[EDIT: Not sure how I forgot to include him in the first post, but TheShido is another up-and-comer in the new wave of manosphere blogs.  Guy posts funny stories, pic proof of his body building, and is a great writer for someone so young (19, I think?).  He’s also one of the few manosphere bloggers who talks about thriving in a relationship.  Posts are sort of a diary, but they’ll also motivate you:     ]


Thoughts?  Blogs you would add to the list?

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    • Yea man- I’ve never known a girl who is happily in a relationship to avoid dropping that info. Normally within the first 2-5 minutes, quite honestly. But I’ll give the ladies 30 minutes of leeway since I’m a nice guy…

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