The Two Girls You’ll Meet in DC

Any regular reader of the manosphere knows Roosh’s low opinion of American women, and in particular of DC girls.  According to Roosh, girls in DC are unfeminine, out of shape, and slutty.

The first time I visited DC a year ago, I met a woman who was the poster child for Roosh’s American Woman.  She was 28, her looks were beginning to fade but I could tell this had not yet registered for her.  We spoke at the bar about how when she was 23, a young engineer had proposed that she and he marry and move to his rural town in Pennsylvania and start a family.  She turned him down.  “I just don’t think I’ll be ready to start a family until I am in my 30s, you know?” she explained to me. She said she need to “explore her independent side for a few more years.”

In my mind I’m thinking, “Good luck finding a quality guy who wants to wife up a 5/10, slightly bitter, independent woman who wants an entire relationship on her own terms!  I’m sure you’ll have guys tearing down the door!” (Sad thing is that she will probably have some Betas of the month ready to put a ring on it).

But I think that here in the manosphere, sometimes we harp too much on this prototype of a woman, making one believe every single American woman is like her.  This is not true. Case and point:

I have a very good friend who moved to DC years ago. He is not a huge player or a body builder, just a generally cool, fun, yet responsible guy to be around.  He is smart and has a nice government job.  A reading of the manosphere would have you thinking ‘Oh my, he must not be able to find a good, feminine woman! He doth not know game!’

Yet after spending the past week in DC and hanging out for days with he and his girl, I’ve come to a few conclusions:

A) His GF is sweet, fun to be around, innocent, and family oriented.

B) She’s made it clear to my friend that she would like to have babies before she is 27 for health reasons (health of the baby, that is).

C) She is attractive.  Not model hot, but maybe a point below (Hard 7.5-8) .  Stays in shape, has a very nice face and an hourglass figure.

Just to recap: She is hot, wants children while young, would love to be a stay-at-home-home, stays in shape, etc. etc.  Call me crazy, but sometimes I feel like we here in the ‘sphere don’t give the quality American women enough credit.  These are the women who actually do turn guys down if they know of their history of being a player. Of course they are still attracted to duechebags/alphas/PUAs-who-know-the-buttons-to-push on a biological level, but they literally will not consider straying from their man, (even when they are ovulating;).

I’m not saying finding a girl like my friend’s is easy.  But it’s possible.  The good girls are out there.  Although many of them are already in relationships.  You probably won’t be able to find a truly high quality girl (hot&not slutty) by scouring the clubs between the hours of 12-4 a.m. when you are piss face drunk.  You may have to, you know, find them within the context of your (gasp) real life. (At which time you should ask them out and get good and drunk with them.  It’s ridiculous how many relationships I know which started this way….)

So there you have it, the two types of girls you’ll meet in DC and around the U.S.  Quality girls are out there IF you have your shit together enough to attract them.  So if you are quality enough, then the question becomes one of your own commitment rather than a bitchfest about how American women are fat and Brazilian women are so hot.

*I think 7-8 on the looks scale is the sweet spot for a healthy long term relationship.  9 and above and you are usually dealing with a bunch of baggage from all the Alpha dudes who fucked her in her prime, whereas 6 and below and you are gonna get made fun of by your buddies behind your back (or in front of your face if you have true friends). 

3 responses to “The Two Girls You’ll Meet in DC

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  2. Great post – it can be too easy to get caught up in the negativity and forget that it’s on us to find what we want instead of bitching about how rare it might be.

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