“He doesn’t manage me, though.”

I have a new job, and I met my manager’s wife the other night for the first time.  She and her friends were nice (if a tad homely).

But I instantly felt sorry for my manager after having had one 2 minute conversation with his wife.

Me: “Hi Jess well it’s nice to meet you.  Jonathon is a great manager.”

Girl: “Yea well he doesn’t manage me!” (smiles, friends laugh)


Why are many women so defensive, so competitive with their man?  I said NOTHING to imply that she was somehow in an oppressive situation (which she obviously isn’t b/c the dude is cool as hell)…yet she felt the need to let me know this irrelevant information. Even if it’s a joke, she was clearly taking too much pleasure in it.

Well thanks…now I know…that you’re probably a shitty, argumentative wife who has a hard time letting her man throw her head into the pillows and really give it to her.

Thank god dish washing duties are split 50/50 though! The key to a longevitous marriage.

2 responses to ““He doesn’t manage me, though.”

  1. Thoughts of how I’d respond to this if I were him entered my head… But then again I think if it’s this far gone he’s been doing something wrong for a while. I’m diggin your posts as well man. I’ll be lurking for sure.

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