Is the Pendulum Swinging Back?

If you are like me, you just recently (within the last three years) started to understand what feminism is and why it’s important to you.  And then you understand that there has been a lot of backlash in the last 10 years against feminism.  Tucker Max’ popularity.  Pick-up artists try to reclaim their masculinity to sleep with lots of women that they couldn’t get in high school.  The growth of the manosphere.  That was the backlash, but is it possible that the pendulum is swinging back?  Could masculinity/femininity as a Yin/Yang be coming back into vogue?

As any rational person knows, we are well past ‘equality for women’ and on to the pedestalization, entitlement, and imaginary victimhood of women.  I believe this past decade will be remembered as the time when we decided women must be allowed to have their cake, eat it too, all while sitting on the couch while their husband (who makes less money than his wife) brings it too her with a hearty “Yes, ma’am.”

John the Other sums up how far we have come when he points out that Affirmative Action is in place for women, while 65% of college graduates are women. Cognitive dissonance much?  Nice point John:

John’s example is perhaps the most glaring and undebatable example one can point to when pointing out the flaws of an anachronistic style of feminism we subscribe to in the United States.   Yet we must continue to bow to the will of feminist “will” or whatever you want to call it.  If you do not bow to this imaginary force, good luck gaining popular opinion, as Mitt Romney found out when his “Binders of women” comment became the turning point that caused him to lose the election.

Yet something else is in the air lately.  And it’s not PUAs.  It’s not Tucker Max…it’s something else.


Women are realizing that the individual life they designed in which they didn’t need a man isn’t so great after all.  Women are admitting that they just really want a man in their life…and not a spineless, hipster, activist, feminist man, but a man of character, who is physically stronger then them and plays the protecter/provider role, who makes decent money and is ambitious, and does not cater and bow to their every whim.

Check out this YouTube vid, por ejemplo:

She admits that she went in “trying to win” at dating.  As if it were a zero sum game, and could not actually be a win-win for both.  And she says she was wrong.

I won’t post all of the links, but if you go to youtube and look at the related videos, there are a shit ton of GIRLS posting about how they think feminism sucks.  And many of the videos are RECENT.  From 2013. Is it possible?  Is the pendulum swinging back?

And then tonight, one of my usual feminist-posting facebook friends posts this:

Essentially, the article summarized a recent documentary (produced by a woman) raising some concerns that we are perhaps not critically examining the role of masculinity in our culture as much as we should be, while men are killing themselves 7x more than women, are 30% more likely to drop out of school, and in general feel ‘forced into their own masculine role.’

Much like women feel ‘forced into their own feminine role.’

Fancy that.  Men feel pressure too…

While I haven’t yet seen the documentary, and from the short clip on the link it seems as though it will be rife with blue pill views on masculinity, it is still nice to see that people are at least starting to CONSIDER the fact that, hey, maybe we’ve spent so much time worrying about our daughters that we forgot about our sons.


Imagine that.

Guys are people with feelings too.  And they have an idea of how they, as a person with a penis and not a vagina, should act and position themselves.

So this is totally, completely anecdotal, but I feel like something might actually be changing.  Like we might have reached the tipping point a few years ago, or less…and could be on the swing back away from the victimhood of the woman minority (I love that term, women as a “minority.”  Feminist Studies ≠ Math) and might be realizing that Hey, maybe the fact that 65% of college graduates are women DOES mean our school system screws over guys…

At least, women are realizing it on an individual level.  Institutionally, we are still a long ways away.

Which is why we are always going to need the old guys to explain to younger men the “G code,” shit everybody needs to know but you just can’t talk about in public.  I don’t see the PUA/men’s self improvement market going down any time soon.

Haven’t been posting much as of late, but that’s because I’ve been lifting, eating, working on a hustle, and feeling fucking awesome.  Life is good when you are working toward a goal and taking daily action.

4 responses to “Is the Pendulum Swinging Back?

  1. Women are admitting that they just really want a man in their life…and not a spineless, hipster, activist, feminist man, but a man of character, who is physically stronger then them and plays the protecter/provider role, who makes decent money and is ambitious, and does not cater and bow to their every whim.
    Translation: Women have decided, now that they have the ability to take a man to the cleaners in (no fault) divorce, the ability to use the threat of false rape/abuse accusation as a blackmailing tool, and the ability to live off the state, that they no longer need feminism and it’s ‘independence’ in order to get away with extracting resources from beta male providers without sexual reciprocation while banging the local alpha stud instead.

    That they just needed feminism to help make these minor adjustments for them. And so now those ball cutting dykes are no longer required.

  2. living in the south you tend to see most women embracing “manly” men. so fortunately i never had to deal with it in the civilian side of my life. but on the MILITARY side….feminism is a driving force behind a lot of policies.

  3. She’s an idiot – I have plenty of competition in business, and don’t want it when it comes to my personal life. She’s about a 4, so she’s already fighting a losing battle. She doesn’t need any more minuses.

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