Red Pill Series #2: Female Fitness & Attractiveness

[In the red pill series I write about what a year of blogging from a red pill lense has taught me.]

Blue Pill View: Big is beautiful. Men should like girls for “who they are.” Girls are unfairly judged based on their appearance!

Red Pill View: Stop feeling ashamed for not liking fatties…it’s normal. Men have a biological predisposition for youth, which is signified by thinness.

My take: I remember when I was living in Spain, studying abroad at the age of 20.  I was fucking this girl who had a great “personality” (i.e. she would give me head in all sorts of random places in the city).  She was also very helpful as I was learning Spanish.  She came with one caveat though: she was overweight by about 20 lbs.  One afternoon, when myself and fatty were on the subway together, I noticed another student from my program board the exact same car I was on.  You know what my IMMEDIATE, GUT reaction was?


I felt Shame, and I thought “Shit I hope he doesn’t see me with this fatty. He might tell other people.”  It was VERY crowded, so he didn’t see me.  But, my gut reaction says a lot about how guys who have fat/ugly gfs feel: ashamed of them.  B/c bottom line, if they could fuck/wife up a hotter girl, they would.  Going against this is going against 1000’s of years of human evolution…it’s just how male biology works.

Fat girls are indeed like Mopeds.  Fun to ride but you wouldn’t want to be seen by your friends riding one around town.

6 responses to “Red Pill Series #2: Female Fitness & Attractiveness

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  2. In my experience ugliness on the outside is correlated with ugliness on the inside, especially in regards to traits like laziness and hostility.

    In a reversal of the usual order of events, an ex-girlfriend of mine got fat and then became a rabid feminist. I’m convinced she would have stayed a sweetheart if she hadn’t put on that extra 30 pounds.

  3. To look at this from a political standpoint. I’m a Liberal (obviously). However, whenever I watch MSNB and other such liberal news networks, it pissed me off to the max to hear me defend women more than women defend themselves.

    Saying all this to say that, the Beta is always defending women thinking that it will bring his some sort of favor- which it doesn’t.

  4. ” She came with one caveat though: she was overweight by about 20 lbs.”

    That’s it?!

    I don’t know how it is in Spain and what their ethno demographics are, but here in the US I’ve noticed that the most naturally muscularly toned demographic of men here like women with a little “junk in their trunk”.

    I’ve been skinny and I’ve been chubby and I always attracted the hotter looking men when I was chubby. It got to the point where I allowed myself to eat a little more when I had my eye on one.

    My friend never got looked at twice by these men until she got pregnant and put on a few pounds!

    • “My friend never got looked at twice by these men until she got pregnant and put on a few pounds!”

      I hope you are joking.

      My point is that I INSTINCTIVELY did not want to be seen with a fat girl. It made me feel shameful that I was sliding my standards. Well, shameful that other people might find out.

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