Lessons from a Year of Blogging: the Red Pill Series

Yesterday, WordPress reminded me that I’ve been blogging on YoungMan RedPill for one year.  After a year of blogging and 43 posts,  I find that blogging is a great exercise for intellectual development, helping one to develop ideas and writing skills.  I’m no expert, and I’m not trying to sell anyone anything, but nonetheless it is still a fun hobby that I believe will pay intellectual dividends in the future.  Hell, it already has.  If you are on the fence about starting a blog, I recommend it.

Currently I’m averaging about 100 hits per day, mostly from google searches:

Screen Shot 2013-08-02 at 10.17.50 PM


Consider blogging an Apprenticeship for writing and understanding women.  I’ve learned more in a year of blogging than I have in any high school class that I have taken. To elaborate a bit further, I would like to reference Robert Greene, author of Mastery.  Greene theorizes that there are 3 stages to mastering any skill: 1) The Apprenticeship, 2) Creative-Active, and 3) Mastery.

Within the Apprenticeship Phase, Greene asserts that there are three Steps or Modes:

1) Deep Observation–The Passive Mode

2) Skills Acquisition–The Practice Mode

3) Experimentation–The Active Mode

Personally, I’m probably somewhere between Skills Acquisition and Experimentation.  And I’m fine with that.  I’ve been reading and putting into practice lots of red pill manuvers over the past year.  It is my belief that the learned charisma that game can bring is of utmost importance for a man in the 21st century.  Indeed, what is more important than an understanding of one’s one masculinity and what it really means?

Even the natural may one day hit a rough spot with women and not understand why.  The red pill man will always understand.

As a first year anniversary post series, I am going to share the insights I have picked up from 1 year of blogging and pursuing a ‘red pill’ way of seeing women and men.

At its core, the ‘red pill’ movement or whatever you want to call it is the pursuit of a very basic question in the world is “What is happening and why is it happening?”

The main “What” of the manosphere is ‘That guy is getting with girls.  I’m not.’

The main “Why”: Why is that guy getting lots of girls and I am not? And let the endless blog posts commence.

The Red Pill Ideology series: a breakdown

In this series of short posts, I am going to break down Red pill viewpoints into digestible snippets called the Red Pill Series.  You’ll want to check these out if you are a red pill beginner.  On with the first post:

Red Pill Series #1: Male Fitness & Attractiveness

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