Good Girls are Out There


In DC right now, the place Roosh alleges is the capital of broken women.

Maybe it’s true.  I met a women or two this weekend who:

1) Broke up with their (cool sounding) BF to follow their career

2) Were fat, and generally not attractive

3) Were not thinking about babies any time soon

4) Were slamming straight into the wall and just not realizing it yet

On the other hand, a good friend of mine has a gf that…

1) Likes to cook for him

2) Likes taking care of her body (is not fat)

3) Wants to have babies

4) Is fun to be around

5) Is not ashamed of 1 & 3.

Nice, feminine, American women are out there. You just have to look around a little bit.  There is one meme of manosphere commentary that your GF is supposed to spend every waking moment dedicated to her husband.  She must: stay in great shape, want to have a bunch of babies, want to fuck you all the time…and supposedly this ideal is to be found in foreign countries with more patriarchal societies, and in the 1950s.  This is an ideal that never really existed.  We are being nostalgic for a ghost.

Have you ever seen the landbeasts that guys must wife up in these countries?  We may be the fattest country in the world, but that isn’t because their are no fat South American housewives who let themselves go.  Yea, guys may marry a girl when she is young and beautiful, but he will not divorce her under any circumstances.

My point is, guys bitch about how there are no good women…while enjoying the ability to hook up with loooooots more than most guys in a lot of foreign countries would ever have access to.

10 responses to “Good Girls are Out There

  1. Travel to Thailand for awhile – it will change your perspective. First – yes – the Thai men hook up with tons of girls far hotter than you can get in the U.S. Second – you don’t know what pretty is until you go to Asia or at least leave the U.S. I am sure you can find a diamond on the floor of a coal mine if you look hard enough but you are better off looking in a diamond mine to begin with.

    • You are exactly the kind of manosphere caricature of a commenter I am talking about. I’ve lived abroad for 3 years. Unfamiliar does not mean hotter.

      Yea sure, go ahead and go to Thailand and get with some girl who’s culture you completely don’t understand–I might even do so myself. There is something to be said for finding a mate within your own culture, the culture that your sisters have grown up in, that your mother has grown up in, and molding it as best you can into what makes you happy and valuing her.

      If you think the entire US is a goddamn “coal mine,” you are obviously an unattractive, lazy man with no game, or your environment is severely limiting your exposure to good girls.

  2. To be honest, and this might even sound crazy, but the “perfect” girl, or good girl, would actually bore me to fucking death.

    Apart from all the desires and wishes of most men who subscribe to the Manosphere, having a so-called good girl is a recipe for disaster in the making. It maybe good for the guy’s self esteem, but it’d backfire and the girl will quickly start to bored you.

    With that said; I don’t want a good girl per se. I want a combo of a good girl yet 1 who will challenge my rule, etc.

  3. So true. As someone who has a lot of family in the old world, nostalgia for those kind of arrangements is pure BS. We have something valuable they don’t. Enjoy it.

    and I like to stay in great shape and I want to fuck my boyfriends all the time if they can actually get it up properly. as for the babies, hmmm. Well, you want to pay for them?

      • y? so people can like write stuff back. you say things just to get a response. sounds like desperation to me.

        dude you have decent work but you’re a bit of an oddball w ur self trolling as well the random various other blogs you author (hey, no judgement! many people, myself included do to).

        Well no reason to spend energy tryin so figure out “sad keanu”.

        Just, why be so obvi about it? I was just clicking to see who the other red pill fella was,, i cant be the only one..

        laters/ j

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