Summing Up the Current Gender Discussion

Just came across this series of comments when reading the Article JB linked in her latest post.  It sums up the state of gender dialogue in this country pretty well:

Screen Shot 2013-06-17 at 12.04.27 PM

The first two comments are people trying to have a legitimate dialogue.

And then the 3rd Point comes in: semi-joking but also serious.  The ‘battle’ of the sexes is a battle, it’s not a ying-yang situation where we compliment each other, especially not for feminists.  By dictionary definition, feminism is the belief that men and women are equal.  As anyone who has ever tried to speak with a feminist knows, modern feminism has become the belief that women are as good if not better than men at everything imaginable and if they aren’t it is because PATRIARCHY.

I know, it’s just a fucking comments board. What real significance could possibly be garnered from it?

Well, from what I see, the current dialogue on Men’s rights (gasp! I’ve never used that term in this blog before) goes a little something like this:

Man “I want to make a point about how the (court system, school system) is much more favorable to women and gives men the shaft.”

Mainstream “Ha you actually think men could POSSIBLY have it hard or be discriminated against in this country in some way?! You’re crazy!! Haven’t you heard of Glass Ceilings! Motherhood! Rape! Hahahaa”

Man “Well I what about the fact that colleges now graduate 60% women, or the overwhelming population of males in prison, or this other study that says…”

Mainstream: “Hah! Men don’t get to college because they aren’t as smart as women! And they go to jail because they are more violent and have worse human natures than women! You and your studies… haha women smell so good”

Seriously…has anyone ever tried to reason with a true feminist?  It’s some serious allegory of the cave type shit.

The fact remains that pendulum has swung far in the direction of ‘women are superior angels who can do no wrong.’ Still wondering if it might actually swing back…That might be wishful thinking though.

All I know is, when I ask my girlfriend if she can make me a sandwich for when I get home, feminine as she is, I see that gut reaction of ‘are you trying to oppress me?’ flash across her eyes.

6 responses to “Summing Up the Current Gender Discussion

  1. Dont’ ask her. Command her: “Give me a sandwich”. If she gives you bullshit. “Shutup and make me a sammich”.
    “You get it”.
    “I’m the one go gives the orders here”

  2. there is a definite battle between the sexes, someone pointed out something to me that I’ve been thinking about but haven’t grasped yet. Does the discord between the genders refine us and make us better people? Is a man who has been gentled by a woman a better leader for society? Is a woman who has learned to submit to a man, softer and gentler and better able to serve and give. Perhaps there is a greater purpose for our discord than one sex winning.

  3. My husband and I often discuss the “pendulum.” I’m like you and wonder if it will ever swing back. He, on the other hand, is certain it will since the very nature of a pendulum is to either rest at equilibrium or swing. So I guess we’ll either eventually swing to another extreme, or finally rest in balance. He says the real question is how long is the cycle between swings.

  4. We have deviated so far from the truth of how men and women are really supposed to be, it is absurd. I think that it will eventually come back to how it is supposed to be, once women realize that feminist ideals only make men and women’s lives much more difficult. It is very difficult to reason with a feminist, I have tried many times and sometimes women can take on quite an aggressive tone and become very defensive. At that point I’d rather leave it because I can see that my argument is not touching them and they have no interest in allowing me to explain myself. Even women that don’t claim to be feminists have been touched by feminist ideas in some way, and they hold very similar beliefs, I was recently discussing with a friend of mine about her sister and her career troubles, she was asking for my advice, and I replied, well she is 25 years old, maybe she could start considering marriage and children, instead of worrying so much about her career. My friend looked at me like I had just said the unthinkable, like how dare I suggest a woman put a husband and children before her career! *Sigh*
    I believe there is definitely hope, this madness can’t ensue forever. One day women will wake up and see Feminism is not serving us in any way.

  5. 1. Mark Flowers is a true dedicated Christian but a non denominational and non church going Christian, a praying man upon his knees and he gives all credit to his survival to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ as his savoir and protector of him and his loved ones. Mark has to continually break all curses in Jesus Christ’s name, sent by witch craft and the Satanic agenda.

    2. Mark Flowers is a fighter, a man that will never bow to any evil corruption, to DEATH.

    3. Mark Flowers has had the fatherhood of his children stolen by the masons / system / The Australian Government.

    4. Mark Flowers is a survivor of more than a decade of intense murderous Freemasonry Gang Stalking {a term he coined} and raised in the Federal Magistrates Court Parramatter Sydney Australia in 2009 & 2010 whilst defending his rights to father his children.

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    6. Mark Flowers has self-represented in some 60 appearances in the Federal Magistrates Court, the District Court and the Supreme Court in Australia and all with nil formal education, in fact Mark left school at 14 years and first job was in a lumber yard.

    7. Mark Flowers is a Father first, and a former children’s safety film producer, but the dogs of gangstalking were released on him for doing so. Mark has been fighting ever since and will never give in, as the eternity in spirit and fear of God through Christ Jesus motivates him to be fearless against evil.

    If I fall in this good fight it will be into the arms of my saviour Jesus Christ.

    Brother Mark

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