Feminism: the Water All Around You, or Why I’m not a Feminist

If you are a younger male and you don’t know what feminism is and how it affects you, you need to read this fucking post.  Ladies, you can read it too.  I don’t care how dumb your high school teachers have made you or how much you think history and any “ism” doesn’t apply to you.  This one does.  So listen the fuck up.

If you had asked me four years ago if I was a feminist, I probably would have said yes.

Yes, I believe that women should have the right to vote.

Yes, I believe that women should have equal rights to men.

Yes, I believe that women should be able to work outside the home.

But in truth, I didn’t know what the fuck feminism was or what modern feminists want.  I was like the fish in this video (You can watch it all, but you only need to watch the first 20 seconds to get the context for this post):

Like the fish in the video who have no idea what water is, many people don’t know what feminism actually is. So what the hell is feminism?

I do understand feminism finally. And I must say, fuck feminism.  Let’s get in to what feminism is and why Fuck Feminism.

My experience with feminism:

I went to one of the most feminist colleges in the U.S.  It was a place where fraternities were looked down upon just because ‘all those guys don’t need to be living together,’ and where male and female bathroom symbols were replaced with gender neutral symbols.  Where the gender and women’s studies majors complained that there weren’t enough physics and math majors so we needed to change admission standards, yet the population of the college was almost 70% women.  It was a place where a fraternity brother of mine was accused of rape one day by his insane, cokehead, drunken, whorish ex-girlfriend because she regretted a hook-up, and we met as a fraternity in the middle of the night to discuss what the fuck we were going to do since our reputation had thus been tarnished forever because one slutty girl regretted a decision she made while she was blackout drunk.  Meanwhile, my fraternity brother Dan respected his girlfriend like a princess and could not get any.  It is a place where two recent (beloved by all students, male and female) administrators were let go because they did not take an anonymous grievance panel (rape situation) seriously enough. (They took it seriously, just wasn’t up to par with what the anonymous griever wanted).  There are no surveys about this, but I can personally attest that it is in the 10% for ugliest, fattest schools in the nation (not just girls, btw).

Highly selective school too.  Go figure.

I had a decision between going to a large state school, and going to this small school.  I decided to go to the small school where I could play college sports and pursue in depth studies for my future career in medicine (this didn’t pan out).

During my time at this school, however, I had no clue about how much of a role feminism was playing in my college experience.  I was always a go with the flow kind of guy.  I had no idea much it was impacting my perception of what I wanted for me.  I thought I wanted an independent, tomboy-ish, masculine girlfriend with short hair. I really did.  Why?  Well, What the hell is water?

The feminist viewpoint has come so far from its original goals in this country, to get women equal rights, that it is absurd.  Even my girlfriend, who has a vagina (and provides actual value to the world) agrees with me on this point.  I’m going to guess this is because she is smart, and, oh, I don’t know, has spent her formative years developing an actual skill set besides being an expert on bitching about glass ceilings.

How Feminists Screwed Themselves Over

Feminists don’t want women to have the option to be homemakers.  They want women to work outside the home, period.  No exceptions.  Just look at how this feminist talkshow host reacts to Christopher Hitchens (one of the most respected academics of our time) when he says that no wife of his is going to have to work outside the home and that women are better then men at working with children.  She literally thinks he is joking:

Let me tell you something: I work with a lot of middle aged ladies in my profession.   A shit ton.  Who do you think complains the most at my job?  Ladies aged 35-55.  The guys complain ZIP (Well we do actually.  mostly about how much the ladies complain).  Feminism has taught women that they need to, they must work forever or else this is some kind of a setback to womenkind.  Us ladies must prove that we can do it!  Trust me, a large percentage of 40 year old single women(or full-time working mothers) wish they could go back and bitchslap the 22 year old, hotter version of them that didn’t marry a a guy who made enough money when she could.

This is how feminists screwed themselves over.  Now, in order for a family to make a middle class wage, you MUST have a double income from both man and wife.  This is the “water” that people don’t realize about feminism: it doesn’t give females the option to work, it makes it so they must work to bring in money, unless the man is making bank at a 6+ figure job, and/or the wage that the woman would make working is equal to or less than the cost of child care.

So take action.  Guys, you need to get your shit in order and build something great, pursue greatness so that you can take care of your lovely lady later in life.  Ladies, be real with yourself about if you want a job later in life or not.  At least think long and hard.  It’s your choice: you can spend your hot 20s aimlessly hooking up, or you can look toward the future and be a classy yet sexy girl who in turn deserves a man of class (and marry that motherfucker while you are still smoking hot).  Well, actually it’s not your choice any more.  Most of you will have to work to provide your family with a double income to keep the standard of living you have become accustomed to. And remember, when you hit 40 and are vaguely dissatisfied because you have to work a 40-50 hour job that you hate, you have feminism to thank!

8 responses to “Feminism: the Water All Around You, or Why I’m not a Feminist

  1. That talkshow host is so irritating.

    She doesn’t even try to respond with a coutner-argument but instead just tries to shame him in the least subtle manner. She kept trying to put words in his mouth that he didn’t even say.

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  3. “…Christopher Hitchens (one of the most respected academics of our time)”

    Where did you get this from? Like him or hate him. Agree or disagree. Fine. But an academic? Hitchens may have lectured at colleges and universities but he was always a journalist and essayist.

    I’ve read a lot of his stuff and I think he would probably have gagged at the notion that someone would label him as an academic let alone one of the most respected academics of our time.

  4. Haha love the post. I’d like to show it to some of my feminist friends (who would probably be horrified).

    I’d like to see a further post about child-rearing. I usually tune out my religious uncle (for exactly that reason), but the other day he said something that made me think: he believes that as a society, we’ve de-valued the JOB that is raising children.

    Raising children is a full-time job, and irrespective of religious views, women have been evolutionarily formed to raise them: women have BREASTS to feed their babies. Everyone always says “a women becomes a mother when she finds out she’s pregnant, but a man doesn’t become a father until the baby is delivered.” I must agree with Hitch that a man doesn’t really know what he’s doing. If a man and women are both working full-time jobs, children can easily become neglected and go down the wrong path; this can be dangerous. I hope that women can see that raising children is a job in itself, and it is a CRUCIAL one. Otherwise, a nanny might be raising the children, and I don’t believe this to be the optimal scenario.

  5. Very nice post – thank you!. It’s good to see an intelligent criticism of feminism. In my opinion, feminism has been just about the most destructive movement ever. We women aren’t meant to compete with men. Further, feminists rant and rave about the most petty issues. No, we are all better off without feminism. Again, thank you for writing this.

  6. I think you are missing the point about women working. If a women doesn’t have an income of her own, she is chained to her husband. Divorce becomes a economic impossibility. No matter how abusive or loveless a marriage becomes, she will have to endure until the man is dead. Especially if there are children in the equation. This was the fate for allot of women from our grandparents generation. That’s why women need to work, and why feminist think it crucial that they do.

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