Why 3rd Millenium Men?

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The HuffPost contacted George over at 3rd Millenium Men for an interview.  The question I am wondering is, Why George? Why not another, more established manosphere blogger?  I propose that the HuffPost wanted a persona just like George. Why?

Let’s assume for a moment that the one who did the contacting did his research on manosphere blogs.  He would undoubtedly have come across the most respected authority blogs, and blogs which I would allege are at the cusp of innovative thought in the sphere.  These are the blogs that I read when I want to be challenged intellectually and learn how the feminine imperative is present in my daily life.  Reading RooshV, Dalrock, Chateau, Rational Male, MMSL over the past year has been probably the most important part of my red pill journey.   These guys have been around for years expanding on their viewpoints, and analyzing in depth.

Meanwhile, 3MM had it’s first post back in July of this year. They are relatively new to the scene.

I submit a possible reason that they contacted 3MM is because they a) put a positive spin on their posts and b) doesn’t get overly misogynistic, academic, or religious.  I have read many, many posts by 3MM.  While they are certainly red pill, they are not bitter like some posts and comments of others can be.  They even did an “I Love Women” post series. Meanwhile, CH is posting about how to screw with your cheating whore of an ex

Personally, if I were doing an interview, I would think that 3MM is a solid call too.  They aren’t just whining, they are posting actionable advice to both men and women on how to act to be happier given the sexual market.

I quoted this comment in a previous post, but it is too applicable to leave out here.  It sums up just why I think George is a good representative for the sphere.  Francis Begbie said:

With all the white nationalist shit at Roissy’s blog, Roosh’s pessimism, Dalrock’s christian slant, Rollo’s academia style of writing, there’s little there to appeal to the mainstream. Roosh is the unofficial head of The Manosphere at this stage, and like you said, he isn’t really marketable.

Is 3MM…”marketable?”

After rewatching the interview, I’ll repeat: solid job.  The only people who said anything sensible in that discussion were him and blondie anyhow.  Although I kinda wonder…what the hell were they going for with those other two dudes they got for the interview?  They had essentially no credentials.  How did the HuffPost find them anyway?

The manosphere’s first ‘official?’ break into the MSM is bound to get overanalyzed  as it already seems to have done.  How much can we talk about a 27 minute interview anyhow?  We shall see what more is to come in 2013.

Your friend and my favorite,


12 responses to “Why 3rd Millenium Men?

  1. I agree. George and 3MM was a great place to start bringing the Manosphere into the mainstream media.

    “Although I kinda wonder…what the hell were they going for with those other two dudes they got for the interview?” ~I couldn’t believe it when they asked that one guy where he was going to meet women and he responded with “I’ve never officially pursued picking up a partner.” It’s hardest for men in the dating game, not disputing that at all, but if you don’t even try…that is why you keep getting friend zoned.

    • “I’ve never officially pursued picking up a partner.”
      I cringed at that…. I’ll have to find a spare 30mins to watch it.

  2. Powerful observation! I’m impressed.

    You’re right even though you just eluded to it; 3MM is marketable.

    Roissy, Roosh and Rational Male’s writings are too abstract and misogynistic. 3MM brings it down to Earth in a sense.

  3. Young Man, I greatly appreciate the support and compliments you’ve paid me.

    In regards to the above post – you are thinking about this in the wrong way. The request to interview me had NOTHING to do with the Manosphere. It had to do with what I’ve written about nice guys, jerks etc. So asking why it was me instead of the others is irrelevant. They weren’t even on the radar.

    I was the one who raised the Manosphere. As I said on Rollo’s blog, I didn’t have to and could have taken all the credit myself. Instead it was my decision to raise peoples awareness of this community, which has benefited me in many ways.

    • Thanks for the reply, and actually that is the idea that I tried to convey in the post. Your blog is great b/c you can’t pigeonhole it as just a ‘manosphere’ blog. My blog, for instance has ‘red pill’ in the name. I think your stuff is a bit more accesible than say, Rational Male, as he writes in a more academic tone.

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  5. Clearly the two younger guys haven’t accepted their flaws and aren’t willing to improve them. They also find the truths about sexual attraction to be too ugly as it presents a scenario where they would lose.

    George was very articulate and issued fundamental game tenets in a way that the others could understand. ‘the nice guy’ is the exact manipulation the younger gents are talking about, whereas a direct approach where you put your sexual energy on your sleeve is genuine.

  6. All the arguments you made are the exact reasons I even got involved or started reading manosphere stuff. George found me, posted some crap I wrote sobbing over some ass that dumped me, and that’s how it all began.

    I found his posts to be fair – even if it did not shine my actions in the brightest light, or that all the things he says make good wife material totally deem me inadequate and cast my future as a lonely alpha window.

    George is going to be very and I mean incredibly successful someday. Likely sooner than even he estimates.

    I met him. He is either the most brilliant, astute at mirroring behavior sociopath on this earth or the open minded but perceptive, opinonated man he comes off as – both in person and in his writings.

    I look forward to reading your multiple best-sellers and watching your hourly day time TV show George. A sort of polished Dr. Phill meets the Millionnaire Matchmaker but with class. You proved you have the tongue for it and you definitely have the “TV jawline” to boot.

    Keanu – you too… hmmm, are you the next 3MM? Very well written, perceptive, thought out piece. Solid subject matter, hypothesis, methods, procedure and disscussion. Shall I some day see a book titled something like “Swallowing The Red Pill; How the Manosphere Made Me a Man” or… “These Are The Questions You Should Be Asking: Young Red Pill Man’s Journey into the Manosphere”, some selp-help crap like that.

    I don’t have to wish you both well, I know it will happen.

    Don’t go on forgetting us litle people who supported you before you “joined the big leagues” now 😉

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