Manosphere References Outside of the Sphere: PostMasculine Podcast

The manosphere does not have a lot of podcasters as far as I know.  In fact, I have not come across the red pill/manosphere in any other media (youtube, TV, radio) aside from the blogosphere and ebooks.  A few days ago, however, I stumbled upon a PostMasculine podcast that references the manosphere.  It is a Mark Manson interview of Ricky Raw from The Rawness (on the blogroll of Le Chateau) .

Some red pill readers are probably familiar with the self-development website Postmasculine founded by Mark Manson.  It’s not exactly mainstream, but I stumbled upon it about a year ago when one of my female facebook friends posted a link to an article of Mark’s.  I think this is important to that a female (feminist-ish!) friend posted the link, since I have never seen a link posted by one of my friends about the manosphere.  Even though Mark is a former pick-up artist and still essentially teaches guys how to approach women on his site, he has managed to distance himself from the manosphere and pick-up artists through the name of his brand.

You can listen to the podcast here or just search it on Itunes.   There are two parts to the podcast, and the manosphere is referenced about 5 minutes in to the 2nd podcast.  Some interesting quotes from the interview (from Mark, not from Ricky):

“I get criticism from the so-called manosphere…It’s a collection of blogs, lot of men’s rights type stuff.  It’s a collection of men who are anti-feminist, pro pick up, pro learning game, and they talk about mens issues, getting laid, society and whatnot…”

“I get a lot of flac from them sometimes because I’m about vulnerability, authenticity, non-neediness. I get accused of being a ‘beta-male,’ or supporting beta behavior…”

“Not to put it out there or wave my flag, but I used to get laid more than all you guys…(@manosphere)”

“It just becomes an ideology with these guys”

“It’s ideological, it’s not a true inquiry to find out about a greater truth or a deeper information about society…”

“It’s interesting how people’s identities get tied to things.” — talking about the manosphere.

He even specifically mentions the red pill and how he doesn’t like it because it makes it seem as if we are the gate-keepers of this specific, special (red pill) knowledge and no one else can have it except through us.  I guess that doesn’t bode well for the name of this blog then…

Other themes covered in the podcast:

-bio-diversity movement

-intelligence and IQ

-scientific racism


-the cult of progress

If you are an intellectual or a psychology buff, I highly recommend giving the whole thing a lesson.  It’s cool to hear two young guys talk intellectually about red-pill relevant topics.  Sometimes they do get a bit theoretical, though, even for me.

Regardless of Mark’s criticisms of the manosphere, I really like PostMasculine as a professional development site. I appreciate his openness to other arguments and intellectual curiosity.  His message is very similar to lots of red pill blogs, but his writing appeals to a wider audience, although some may accuse him of just watering down the manosphere’s message.  Personally, I think he has some good content on his site and it would be worthwhile to check him out if you are starting your red pill journey.


8 responses to “Manosphere References Outside of the Sphere: PostMasculine Podcast

  1. I`ve read numerous reviews of Mansons books by manosphere bloggers and every single one was positive. Krauser and Frost are examples. Various manopshere bloggers also link to him. So his claim about how the manosphere views him is provably just slander that makes it hard to take him seriously.

    With regards to vulnerability, authenticity etc. it is easier to have some sympathy for his views but he is still wrong. BrianC wrote a whole series of posts about a mans abiliy to be vulnerable in a relationship. The topic has been discussed at length in Athols forum many and from many different angels. Sunshine Mary had posts about it with somewhere between 2-500 comments in the thread. Badger has written about siilar topics. Xsplat has constantly written about the importance of the capacity to feel, be in your emotions and intimacy. Yohami has written about vulnerability. Many others have covered similar and related topics. A common thread throughout almost all of the spheres writings is genuinely becoming the type of man that attracts women as oposed to faking it. So, while I can understand where he is comming from he is still wrong.

    As for the sphere not being about areal honest inquire and a search for truth that is horseshit. There are constant discussions about all aspects relating to this and new ways of seeing things. Athols forum is in constant development about how to view game and relationship game. As I mentioned numerous bloggers have looked deeply into questions surrounding themes such as vulnerability and authenticity that Manson finds it oportune to pain the picture of the sphere as not touching in order to market himself as more of an alternative.

    Manson is proud that he attracts a fair amount of women but Athol attracts far more. Over 50% of his readers and forum memebers are women, a much higher percentage than what I see on his blog. The manosphere also has many female bloggers and female commentators and the percentage has been growing. Even Rollo who only used to have Stingray commenting has a decent share of women commenting now. Hell even avoiceformen has one third female readers and I think an even higher percentage of article writers.

  2. Uh…ever heard of Voice for Men radio, and its companion programs on AVfM? And ever noticed the proliferating number of pro-male/non-feminist offerings on YouTube?

    And yet you say that the manosphere is NOT REPRESENTED in such media??

    Honestly now, what rock have you been living under?

    • Thanks for the comments. I feel like I’ve made it in the sphere now that someone is vehemently disagreeing with me…
      A) I’ve never heard of either of those radio shows. B) I consider the men’s right movement and the manosphere to be two distinguishable entities. There is a difference between game/red pill blogs and men’s rights blogs. One is fighting for men’s rights, and the other is basically saying fuck it, we are fucked so learn game and educate others.

      I’ve seen a COUPLE of pro-male offerings on YouTube. But none of the big gun manosphere blogs have made youtube vids, or podcasts. No, I haven’t noticed Mike Buchanan…Are you from the U.K.? Maybe he is mainstream somewhere else, but not for the U.S.

  3. The podcasts are linked to the anonymity, podcasting is popping your head a little further out from anonymity. There are bloggers who write about red pill business business etc. there’s transparency and podcasts there.
    This guys is a red pill marketer, I haven’t explored his blog that much though, I should be putting this into your other post oh well.

    • That post is from a while back, too (2008). Reading the post, he seems to be thinking of the red pill in a different sense than we now think of it.

  4. That’s cool! Mark Manson aka Entropy PUA has been a guy I learned a thing or 2 from years ago when he was into pickup heavily.

    My only issue with the Manosphere is that guys aren’t willing to actually go out and game. They need more field reporters.

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