The Manosphere Needs a New Vessel

Roosh has asserted the manosphere is approaching a tipping point.  He stated that 2013 is the year in which the manosphere will be ‘discovered’ by the mainstream media.  He makes some good points.  I have to respectfully disagree with him, however.  The manosphere, as in, this collection of blogs and ideas, will never go mainstream.  Everything that it spouts is mostly true.  However, no one wants to hear it from a  bunch of internet bloggers.

Here are the faults of the manosphere as I see them, and why I do not think it will go mainstream:

A) The knowledge that the manosphere contains is already is ‘mainstream.’  Look at Adam Carolla.  Mancow. Bill Burr. Patrice O’neal.  Tucker Max.  Etc.  Those guys are mainstream.  You can bring them into a conversation with anyone and they will follow the reference. These guys have the exact same message that the manosphere is sending, but they make people laugh and thus, don’t get into blog wars with manboobs over insignificant shit. These guys follow the guideline of “If you want to tell the truth, make people laugh.” 

B) From inside the sphere, everything makes sense.  To most outside people, it’s a fringe group of misogynists.  For guys to understand the mentality of the manosphere and what it is actually about (not just a bunch of mysogynists), they need to have a reason to understand it.  Getting screwed over by a girl works pretty well.  But many are content to drown in a sea of video games, porn and weed as they watch those 10% of guys with game roll all the pussy they want.

C) Lastly, but perhaps most importantly, people don’t like hearing a male-power movement from a bunch of guys blogging online.  It’s simply not fashionable. Women take offense to guys who actually call out their slutty behavior, even though they do it to themselves all the time.  For manosphere ideas to be accepted, they would have to take a different form.  Look at, for instance.  This women is teaching women how to be feminine, something that the manosphere does. But look at the presentation of her website!  She’s an old, harmless looking women!  What bad could come from her teaching girls how to bat there eyes who have forgotten due to their gender neutral upbringing?  She’s like that cute old Grandma that you can’t get mad at. Yet the girl game she teaches is similar to the things that JudgyBitch and CH tell women to do, but no one can accuse her of being sexist.

Ah yes, presentation, not truth.  One must learn to play the game. The truth bears no power in a sea full of ignorance.  No matter how true it might be that 90% of the male population could stand to benefit by working on their game and becoming more masculine, that will not matter unless the argument takes an acceptable form that people can attach themselves too.  Most manosphere bloggers are anonymous, with a few execptions.  That tells you something about the opinion we expect that most people will have about our life views.

Thus, the manosphere will not be going mainstream anytime soon.  I mean, honestly, I think that’s a crazy assertion.  Hell, no one from the sphere even has their own podcast.  No one has  a book written and endorsed by a major publisher.  The ideas are valid, powerful and useful.  Someone will probably be able to market them.  But my guess is that it will be a women.  Red pill wisdom is just easier to take from a Grandmother than a scary looking wolf.

Will a huge, momentous occasion occur in which the manosphere and it’s ideas are ‘outed’ to the world and a cultural shift occurs?  Hell no.

22 responses to “The Manosphere Needs a New Vessel

  1. I think presentation is really the problem here. The positive message that can be taken from Tucker Max, that girls who are more careful with their bodies don’t get used by the Tucker Max’s of the world, isn’t too directly delivered. Maybe because I was mostly raised by my grandmother I can see that in there, in relation to her messages to be a “good girl.” I’ve enjoyed reading up on the Red Pill culture out there, but I’m far from free with myself, so I don’t take offense to words that don’t apply to me (slut and maneater). But the girls who ARE making those mistakes are too busy defending themselves to actually hear the message. Also, you guys don’t seem to be able to agree on a lot of points. For example, no one seems to be able to decide if I’m a commodity for having only been with one guy or if that means I have no sex drive (not even kind of true.)

    • False, that is easily decided. You are a commodity for a guy who is family minded and looking for a long term relationship, but you would be disappointing to the man who is looking for a one night stand.

      This is one of the double standards that men have (I’m guilty of it too.) We want to be able to have sex with lots of sluts, and then eventually settle on a more *innocent* girl (read: low number of sex partners) if we decide to become family minded. It’s all about self interest.

      • Hey, at least you admit your double standards. I suppose the posts I’ve been reading seem mixed because they’re from different view points.

  2. Well it’s all in the elocution and presentation. I agree i don’t see that the manosphere will go mainstream when so many of the blogs titles are ‘women are fucking sluts for fucks sake’. Sometimes it’s like some bloggers are searching for cases of women putting down a man or acting masculine and nothing else, that’s not very gallant or revolutionary in the slightest.

    The public has consumed anything over the years in terms of creativity as long as it’s presented to them in a palatable form. Punk is a good example, it’s brash, violent and dissonant. But come the 90’s and bands like offspring and greenday clean it up and suddenly everyone is dying their hair.

    Matt Forney said last week somehwere that Robert Greene (48 laws of power) has that conviction. he writes about the real world but not to the point where he’s pointing fingers and blaming others, that allows him to get on morning tv shows to promote his book.

    • “Sometimes it’s like some bloggers are searching for cases of women putting down a man or acting masculine and nothing else, that’s not very gallant or revolutionary in the slightest.”

      Totally agree. This is when the sphere has too much groupthink for my taste.

      Also, very interesting that you mention 48 Laws of power. I like that book alot and it’s very applicable to the discussion…

      If you are a Robert Greene fan you should check out this amazing podcast interview with him on mastery. Probably the best podcast I’ve ever listened to, and that’s saying something:

      It’s the first interview. RG is nuts

      • Yes, it’s the groupthink. I feel a lot of guys have come into the manosphere curious and or frustrated about life’s issues, and found it convenient to jump on the hate women boat, when it’s perhaps counter to their character to accrue hate.

        A woman posted on ROK 2 weeks ago (spam her clam post) and some dudes went nuts in the comment section, I found that a bit sad.

        Thanks for the podcast link I’ll check it out. I’ve been reading power of seduction and finding it a bit slow to be honest. I have the intention of checking out The 50th Law sometime.

      • BTW I listened to the podcast last night, it was pretty full on. It went past the notion of ‘a kick up the arse’ it made me feel lazy. It was refreshing because the advice on success was more geared towards a career minded person rather than a solo business venture (which I’m usually exposed too)

  3. I’ve blogged about this a while ago. The Manosphere would never go mainstream with guys only giving opinions on the internet. What I mean by that is there needs to be more guys going in field and crawling out of anonymity for the Manosphere aka Chodosphere as I call it, there need to be more guys appearing in the spotlight. You can’t have a movement and 95% of it’s core members are anonymous in the sense that they don’t reveal their identity (faces). Tucker Max isn’t anonymous.

    • Yep. Respect for you Kenny on being one of the non-anonymous ones. I am, obviously. I’d be fired from my PC job if people found out about me, unfortunately. I’ve considered coming out and just going full tilt with the pick-up artistry, but it’s slightly scary, to be honest.

      Here’s a little cold hard truth that many people won’t like about the manosphere: It will never be accepted as mainstream with Roosh as it’s face (which I would say he is). I love the guy’s ideas, but he comes off as a course misogynist.

      I’ve been around for over a year now obsessively reading manosphere blogs. I’m on board with a lot of the manosphere’s ideas, but at a certain point they have to become actionable. Learning game is the only actionable step right now that a man can take who wants to change his lot.

      • Yes game is the actionable skill and reward, gym and fitness are subsidiary. In other words, any chump can go to the gym.

  4. Interesting.

    The following is what will happen in my opinion:

    1: Entertainment. The more addictive videogames, fast food and porn get, the more men are going to drop out completely. That takes a number of men out of the game.

    2: Practice. Game needs practice. The people who need game by far the most (beta STEM provider types) are going to have the worst natural game. Are they going to be able to put the work in? Not all of them will.

    3: Media Shame. The Manosphere is going to be shamed into submission the more it pirulates the mainstream. Expect movies/comedies about rapist/serial killer PUAs and biased media coverage.

    4: Alpha male oligopoly: Never in history is it so easy for a man to be a player. Paleo diet, jobs that are increasingly scare, hgh, paleo diet etc, means it will be harder for young men to get in, especially since it is harder to gain jobs. Result? Welfare/entertainment.

    5: Presentation: With all the white nationalist shit at Roissy’s blog, Roosh’s pessimism, Dalrock’s christian slant, Rollo’s academia style of writing, there’s little there to appeal to the mainstream. Roosh is the unofficial head of The Manosphere at this stage, and like you said, he isn’t really marketable.

    There’s more but wordpress is freezing up and me. Oh, and good blog ken. Added to the old blogroll.

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  6. I really don’t understand the manosphere. I came across a blog article one of my FB friends posted and then discovered that there was this whole “manosphere” on the internet. I’ve been reading a bunch of blog entries, and haven’t read anything on this blog other than this one entry. I figured it’d be a nice place to ask some of the stuff that I am wondering.

    What I don’t understand is why there is so much backlash against women on these blogs. How does someone hurt you guys so badly?

    I don’t know, I think at one point in my life (in high school), I was one of the girls you guys would have been hurt by. I wasn’t sleeping around, but I was the attractive girl who was friends with all the nerdy guys (who all had crushes on me) and dated the self-confident jerks.

    The thing is, after I was hurt a couple of times by these jerks and went to college, I realized that that’s not something I want out of a partner. I now date a completely different type of man. I guess maybe y’all would call my current type a beta, but I don’t think that’s true at all. I think that a real man doesn’t have to flaunt that he is one in such an obvious way. And yes, a real man takes care of his significant other.

    Maybe what I’m saying won’t register to any of you, but all of my friends have undergone the same transformation (we’re all 22 at this point) and started dating kind and caring men at some point during college. The whole shtick advocated by the manosphere (be dominant, alpha male, whatever) doesn’t work on us. I don’t wan to be dominated. Maybe that’s because my friends and I are looking for real, meaningful relationships with guys.

    For example, my current boyfriend was a super shy, gamer engineer whom I brought out of his shell because I saw something special in him and was attracted to his brain, personality, and looks. To me, he is the whole package. He is manly, but also gentle and kind to me. He takes care of me when I’m sick and I do the same with him. I don’t notice other guys much because I love my boyfriend so much.

    Sure, everyone makes mistakes (and I have admitted to passing over quality guys for jerks in high school, but I was young and didn’t know better), but all I see on these blogs is a bunch of guys who are letting their high school insecurities dictate how they will behave for the rest of their lives. You’re trying to become the jerks. I don’t understand that. if you don’t like something, sure you can change it, but don’t turn into a jerk and try to manipulate women into getting with you in that way. What kind of a person does that make you? That’s not what relationships are built on.

    • Terrence Popp you are an idiot. I don’t think you need to worry about women. You look like an alcoholic on his last leg. Please rid the planet of yourself.

      • Well the truth hurts, get a crutch, and as for my last leg, I have 2 and run 2 miles a day, I plan on going no where and go watvh the rest of the videos. fun with numers should really piss you off. I am terrence popp and I approve of this message

  7. I make these videos because they contain a lot of truth. The manopshere will blog, write letters, moan and complain but you never really see any body face. well now you can, I am the one in those VIDS. I get many of my ideas from my 27 years of military service. Because I have seen it all. Through all this I can say Karma has always won, each and every time. I make no excuses, I appoligize to no one, I hade from no force in the universe not even death. It is my intention to take the manospere public and main stream. Its about time after 4 plus decades of the feminazi aganda we get some justice. After I saw first hand what the feminist courts of this country did to me, I am all in. I WILL NOT STOP UNTIL I AM DEAD. I love women, I have 2 daughters. I want then to be happy, safe and healthy. This will not happen with a radical feminist world. I am all for feminism, just not radical feminism the defyes logic , fairness and reason. I will address this in future videos. I plan to move on to other subjects but the subject of feminism will forever be at my heart. Like I say in my video I have dyslexia, so if you have a problem with that F*** off

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