As Bad as it Gets

I don’t agree with everything that gets said in the manosphere, and sometimes I wonder if accounts of how bad some guys have it in their marriages might be exaggerated. Like this guy. Can your wife really be such a huge bitch to you after you have tried to build a life together?

Are things really THAT bad? Are you sure you didn’t do something to bring this on?

Tonight I am unfortunately here to say that, yes, sometimes things are actually that bad. Tonight I met the prototype bitch wife who makes guys start hating their life until they discover mmsl and run the MAP. When you read on, you may think I am making these up, because they fit so perfectly into the stereotype of the insufferable/slutty wife that gets thrown around a lot in the spher. I am not making these quotes up. After I left the bar, I actually raced to my car to voice record them into my iphone.

She was 44 years old or so lady tonight and we got to talking at the bar. I have a way of connecting with people quickly, and I knew our interaction was destined for great things when she said “You are cute…So much cuter then my husband…”
I looked at the huge rock on her left ring finger.

“No shit. I’m also 26,” I said.

I could see the entertainment value coming from a mile away, so I pried into her relationship with her husband as she drank her strawberry vodka rocks. These are actual quotes from a conversation I had not 5 hours ago:

“My husband, he cries sometimes. ‘Why won’t you have sex with me?’ he says.”

“I sleep with him like once a month just to keep him happy. I hate it.”

“I swallow but I don’t swallow my husbands”

“Let me tell you something: big dicks don’t matter. My husband has a huge dick but he can’t give me the pleasure I want. How big are you by the way?”

“Every Saturday he pokes me in the morning and he’s like ‘when are we gonna have sex? huh? When?’ and he grabs my boob and I’m like ewwww get away from me.”

“Oh I can’t wait to put this sexy picture of me in lingerie up on AM (Cheating website) and see all the messages I get from guys. That’ll show my ex-bf.” (Yes, she has an ex-bf in addition to a husband)

“My husband always asks me what I want, and what he can do for me to give me pleasure…’Is this good? Is this good? How about this?’ He wants me to tell him every angle to do. I’m like I don’t care let’s just get this over with.”

So let’s sum up: Her husband begs for sex and she hates giving it to him, but she sleeps around on him. She loves doing dirty shit with other guys while never doing her husband the pleasure of having his cum swallowed. She seeks validation for herself from lots of guys by putting pictures of herself on Ashley Fucking Madison and seeing how many emails she gets from horny 40 year olds whose wives are putting them in the same situation as she is putting her husband in.

Isn’t the world so perfectly ironic sometimes? I wouldn’t be surprised if her own husband messaged her at some point thinking she was some random slut.

Honestly, I just felt fucking bad for the guy. She kept saying ‘I hate him, he’s an asshole,’ but what she meant was ‘he’s a big beta pussy.’ He obviously cares about her and wants to make her happy. But what he can’t figure out is that the answer to his problems will not be found by asking his wife, but by just manning the fuck up, and not asking for sex. He needs to pull an alpha move. The guy needs to learn how to maintain frame. Honestly, I’m going to search for his email and send him a random link to mmsl or something, jesus.

I know this woman was probably beyond repair, but in spite of the game I spit I am actually a nice guy at heart. So I tried to make her understand how much of a bitch she was being. Here is how I did it:

Me “Hey so you have a son?”

InsufferableWife “Yea, he’s 11.”

Me “So, aren’t you kind of worried that he’s going to have a wife who hates him as much as you hate your husband?”

IW “Yea. That’s why I am training him to be a good husband though. I am teaching him how to cook and clean.

I literally started choking on my Guinness when she said that. She is trying to teach her son to be a good husband by turning him into as big of a pussy as her husband is.

Me “Listen…you know that teaching him to cook and clean is not the answer…he’s going to be a nice guy and his wife is going to be able to walk all over him. I mean, your husband, well it’s obviously a lost cause by now, but you don’t want your son to be fucked over by his future wife, do you?”

I actually saw the wheels in her brain turn at this point. I thought maybe I was getting somewhere.

IW “OMG you’re right! He needs to have…like, a spine! He needs to have a backbone!”

Me: “Now you’re thinking.”

I felt a little bad for this women, too, because she seemed borderline bat-shit insane.  After our conversation all I could think was thank god not all women are like her.

Until next time, yours truly and my favorite,


One response to “As Bad as it Gets

  1. I was married at 19 and divorced at 23. My ex-husband refused to work, have sex, clean, bathe… pretty much anything an adult would do, beyond playing video games and stealing and pawning my stuff. I feel a lot of empathy toward the men in these relationships, because I’ve been there. I don’t understand how any PERSON thinks they can treat another PERSON that way.

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