My Blog: Censored?

A week ago I wrote a post called ‘Girlfriend Game: when “No” really means “Yes.”  The point of the post was that sometimes my GF will say ‘no,’ even when she really does want to hook up with me. She just doesn’t want to make it easy for me.  I know consent can be a polarizing and controversial issue, but this was not my intention at all with the post to tell guys, yea hook up with girls who don’t give you consent.  Far from it.  I just wanted to show guys an example of how sometimes it can actually kill attraction to ask a girl ten times if she’s really, really, really sure it’s really okay if you go down on her.  It’s hard to understand that this mindset exists in guys, but it does indeed exist.  I know because I once had it.  Ladies DO want to feel comfortable and somewhat secure with a man that they are about to hook up with, but they don’t want to be repeated verbally asked to approve every single action that happens during a hookup. The attraction is killed.

Evidently the title “When No Means Yes” was too hot for wordpress, because it actually does not appear on my blog’s home page.  You can go there and see for yourself.  It definitely wasn’t me who edited away the title.

So guys, I take back everything I said.  Just go with the consent form. It’s the only safe route.

2 responses to “My Blog: Censored?

  1. Generally as you’d know, in pickup, we teach this concept. I mean, if a girl was to tell me no and I really believed her, I think I’d be a virgin to this day.

    It’s hard to believe that wordpress would censor you for that or suppress that post. It doesn’t seem controversial nor unethical to me.

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