Alpha Move: Shag your Woman good

Fucking your wife or girlfriend is a taboo topic for many.  You can talk with your bros about banging ho’s all day, but what about your long term girl?

Guys, I want you to picture yourself shagging your gf, wife, or lady friend right now.  Okay.  Now picture yourself shagging her as hard as you can.

Pretty hard eh?

Now, I want to you to visualize yourself as a fucking sex god.  Sex machine.  Picture yourself fucking your gf with the strength of 10 men and absolutely destroying your gf.

Notice a difference?  Expectations, boys.  There is an important distinction between fucking hard and fucking hard.  That difference has to do with your energy and passion level in the moment, and hopefully will be produce a noticeable vocal response in your GF/Wife.

*          *           *

My GF keeps me abreast of the details of her friends from college’s relationships.  Mostly to tell me how awesome I am in comparison to her friends’ bf’s, of course.  Recently, she told me a very telling story about her friend Rebecca who has a problem with her bf. Namely, Rebecca can’t get her BF to go down on her nor fuck her hard enough.

The Players:

Rebecca– Sizzling hot (I give her an 8.5) and very sweet girl who unfortunately has very low self-esteem.  Also, Keanu’s friend from high school.  See: tumultuous relationship with father=low self esteem.  She cheated on her (now ex) bf Josh, probably b/c she unconsciously thought she wasn’t good enough for him.  Josh never forgave her.  Josh sure did fuck her good when they were dating, though.

Josh– Rebecca’s ex-bf from college. A sexual madman.  Comes from one of those rich, old fashioned republican families.  R and J have been broken up for years, but she still thinks about him.  A lot.

Robbie-Rebecca’s recent bf of one year.  A super-nice, cool dude, although he is missing a couple of important categories.

Cool apartment and job? Check.

Cool friends?  Check.

Cool dude?  Check.

Goes down on his gf?  Uh oh…

Fucks his GF hard enough that she has stopped craving her ex-bf’s cock?  double uh oh.

Allow me to delve into the impetus for this post, which was a little comvo I had recently with my GF:

Me: “So wait…are Robbie and Rebecca still having bedroom problems?”

Jane (my gf): “Well, Robbie still hasn’t…you know, given her what she wants and needs.”

Me: “So he won’t go down on Rebecca?”

Jane: “Yea, exactly.  She’s too shy to tell him what she wants. And well…I think she’s thinking about Josh. Josh was a sexual deviant, from what Rebecca has told me”

Me: “I can see where she is coming from in a way.  I mean obviously she doesn’t want to be all ‘hey Robbie, can you flick your tongue on my clit horizontally? And…maybe a little bit of hair pulling and just a liiiittle bit of slapping? Omg when (ex-bf) Josh used to do it, it drove me crazy.'”

Jane: “Hahahaha.  Yep that’s exactly what she told me.  She compares Robbie and Josh all the time…and Robbie still hasn’t given Rebecca…what she wants.”

Me: “Guy needs to man up. Bottom line.”

Jane: “Yea…well he needs to man up real quick…or Rebecca is going to end up making a real bad decision…”

Translation from Gamespeak: Rebecca’s going to end up jumping on some random penis to try and feel like she did with Josh.  The ironic thing, though, is that even when she was with Josh, she cheated…damn, seems like a problem of low self esteem.

Well, whatever the case, gentlemen, do your self a favor and fuck your gf hard tonight. I know you think, yea yea I am fucking her hard.  Well I ask you, really?  Is that the best you can do?  Do some dirty stuff tonight.  Try something new.  Give her a mushroom stamp. Legs behind her legs and curl her up into a ball.  Get a little slap happy.  Seriously, what’s the worst that could happen?  “Oh baby you fucked me too hard tonight, how dare you!?”

What is this, nineteenth century Victorian England?  A man can’t give his GF a ridiculously hard ride on the pound town express?  Now I mean obviously if she’s like “stop this really hurts,” don’t be a dumbass.  But guys, it’s important that you take the initiative and really, really pound your girl.  If you are waiting for her to say to you one day before sex, “Hey can you please fuck the shit out of me doggie style while smashing my head into the pillow and spanking me, then pull out, throat fuck me and cum all over my tits and face” you are going to be waiting for a long-ass time.  You have to be the one to escalate the action.  Men, it doesn’t matter how independent your woman is–escalation of sex is your responsibility.

And, If you think the problem goes deeper than just you banging the hell out of your girl, I recommend you check out Red Pill Orgasm. Authored by a fellow manosphere blogger, it is an in-depth, non-mainstream guide for how to give your girl insane pleasure and have the sex life you want.  Having an awesome sex life is not an overnight “AHA!” moment, it is a process.  Red Pill Orgasm will give you the roadmap so you can discover great sex.

Happy Fucking,


6 responses to “Alpha Move: Shag your Woman good

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  2. Agree. More guys should learn how to be more ROUGH in the bedroom. Girls always complain how guys are weak ass beta pussies. And then always tell me how much they appreciate when I have fucked them hard and good, just like you described :p

  3. I perform weekly at various vacation spots – mostly in the winter, so things are going strong at the moment. As a result, I tend to hook up with a LOT of young women with BF’s and older women with hubby’s not present for their “weekend away”. Now there are many types of women – some of which are purely quickies which are no more than 5-10 minutes during a break, and others that I want to take my time and enjoy – usually after the performance and I have time to enjoy to their fullest.

    One of the recent young women who came to my bed, found our games to be mind-blowing The results were electrifying for her (and me) and she started to go off almost immediately. Now I’ve seen pretty much every reaction possible – she was something else, and a bit of a freak that I enjoyed greatly. Normally, I use a woman/girl and move on to another after the next performance. This particular young woman (still in HS) has come to several performances so far – blowing off her BF completely to become my personal groupie, and while I make use of various newbies, I have found myself gravitating to her as she is up for anything, and goes off like dynamite. She has let it be known that she is available anytime, anywhere…

    My point in posting this is just to say that women enjoy being used for your pleasure, but they have to get something out of it that they aren’t getting anywhere else. The anonymity of the interaction with me, insulates them from others knowing what freaks they are, and trying new things with no long term ramifications. So either their BF/Hubby can enjoy them – or guys like me will.

    I often wonder how these women explain the bruises, rope burns, and other marks that I leave them with as memories of their time with me, and how they explain them to their SO’s. Of course, the nature of the vacation can explain many such small injuries – one of the reasons that I enjoy it as much as I do. And more than a few have told me the next day, that they hurt in a good way. I often wonder if that gets them off when their BF or Hubby is helping them later recover from their “injuries”…

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