Girlfriend Game: When “No” Means “Yes”

For whatever reason, Thursday nights are when I like to post.  I’m not quite sure why the creative energy amps up on Thursdays.  If you are tuning in to Young Man Red Pill for the first time, feel free to check in next Thursday for more moves you can try out to increase sex frequency and intensity.  Also, comments are definitely welcome.

Today’s post will dive into the murky waters of verbal consent within hookups.  Like a lot of red pill wisdom, this post runs contrary to popular belief, and most propaganda mainstream dating advice. There is a lot of blabber about consent these days.  While I do not in any way condone forced sexual contact, some people take consent too far.  That is, when two people are hooking up, ‘no’ doesn’t always mean ‘no.’  It can mean a lot of things, like, “Are you sure you want to do it?”  “Maybe in a little bit,”  “Not now,” “Up your game and we’ll see,” and, yes, sometimes even, “yes.”

The following is a real life example of when ‘no’ pretty much meant ‘yes.’

I was hooking up with my GF today.  The scene: Her parents are gone, but her little sister is upstairs. We are making out on the couch in her living room. I start to undo her blouse buttons.  The following dialogue occurs:

Keanu “Where can we hook up right now?”

GF “No.”

Me “What?  I asked where we could hook up.”

GF “Oh.  I thought you asked if we could hook up right now.”

So that’s a no from her side.  We go back to making out and dry-humping for a few more minutes.  Three minutes later, without any prompting, she says:

GF “Nope.  Can’t think of anywhere.”  (It is obvious to me now she is racking her brain for places to hook up.)

At this point, I know what to do.  I didn’t used to, but now I know that words are not always equal to desire.  When my GF says no, she wants, needs me to initiate the hookup in spite of the fact that she turned me down.  Does she want it to be her fault if her sister walks in and catches us in the act?  Of course not.

But what if she just happened to be so hot in that particular moment that she was simply irresistible to me?  What if my hands started derobing of their own will? What if it became too hard to think straight with all of that blood rushing to my big head…

Two rationalizations occur:

A) she feels sexier because she was irresistable, and B) if her sister does catch her, it’s not her fault.  It’s MY fault.

So, I say nothing.  I take off her pants, go to finger bang town for a while, and a little while later she gives me an outstanding (and standing) bj.  Her sister doesn’t come down (girl is smart, obviously).

Later, in the car, going back to my house, she says to me:

“Well that was pretty fun…dangerous, and maybe not the best idea, but definitely fun.” (Smiles). Ah, I love her smile.

So there you have it.   No actually meant yes!

If how I acted in this hookup situation sounds like normal behavior to you, then good.  But the reality for me is that to know that I should just proceed with escalating a hookup when my gf says no initially required a paradigm shift from a few years back.

Unfortunately for some guys, they don’t get this information…They are listening to the people tell them “Only ‘Yes!’ with a capital Y and an exclamation point means yes!!!! Okay??!??, as the girl who wrote this article from XOjane states in the last paragraph of this “advice” piece:


To be honest, I wrote out a 600 word diatribe tooling the above article, but is it even worth it anymore?  If you want to see dumb feminist advice to boys in action, read it.  AT NO POINT DOES SHE GIVE ANY ACTUAL ADVICE.  And the article is published on a site with 16,000 Facebook likes.

Somebody is taking that advice.  Oh I know who…it’s my old friend Dan who had a girlfriend for 4 years in his early 20s and was afraid to make a move on her.

Don’t end up like Dan.  Read between the lines.

7 responses to “Girlfriend Game: When “No” Means “Yes”

  1. I damn near fucked a chick in the bookstore I featured on my site. Place has many tiny nooks and corners. She was lol reaching for a book, I tried to move behind her, my crotch slid across her ass and she pushed into me.

    Game on.

    I unbuttoned her jeans and started fingering her. I finally slid her jeans down, got inside her and 2 minutes into it 2 girls came close, and closer. We stopped and a minute later they were 2 feet away. I think one sensed what was going on, and they left. Lol.

  2. That is Awesome…oh the bookstore hook up. I wonder how many guys’ girlfriends would actually go for that? I think it needs some field investigation. Thanks for the comment Danny

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