The Virginity Losing Aftermath

The post on this blog with the most hits, by far, has been the story of my college roommate Dan losing his virginity in the worst way possible.  To sum up: he was blue-balled by his girlfriend (who he treated like gold) for the entirety of his college experience.  This was a girl who he truly loved as much as any guy can at ages 18-22.  He loved her and did everything for her and waited to have sex with her, to consummate the bond.  This surely got to him as he watched his roommate Keanu (that would be me) consummating many bonds with throughout the course of freshmen year with different girls, all of whom he refused to consider becoming monogamous with…

To make a long story short…four years and no sex for Dan.  TheGF didn’t hold out for religious reasons either (not that I would have respected that anyway).  Dan let his gf run the show.  Blue pill Keanu simply thought Dan was an idiot.  Red Pill Keanu sees the problem very clearly now though: Dan needed to create the tingles in theGF, not worry about washing every fucking dish in her apartment, and get a life of his fucking own.

Like I say, Dan needed an overhaul.  He wasn’t a bad looking guy and wasn’t dumb, but he lacked ambition and, more importantly, did everything TheGF asked him to do.  Hoping, hoping, hoping for sex to come at some point if he did everything she asked.  For four years, it never came.

Then, one night, Dan said fuck it, broke up with his GF and was deflowered by a butch drunken softball player with a boyfriend.  Well, we all gotta lose it some time, I suppose.

What I haven’t yet gone into is the psychological aftermath of this situation for my friend. For one, I have only recently been made privy to the details of Dan* (obviously not real name)’s situation.

The summer after senior year, his mood fluctuated up and down, bi-polar-ish.  Finally, he broke down and ceased to function normally.  He ended up in a mental treatment facility because he literally had lost touch with reality.  He didn’t recognize people he used to know.  He spoke gibberish.  The kid was fucking twenty-two years old.  He should be in the prime of his goddamn life!

For the next year, he was on psycotropic drugs.  He is just now, at twenty-five, starting to fully recover.  I asked my friend TBone, who was best friends with Dan throughout college, to give me his analysis.  TBone is a historian who identifies with being a feminist, and who consequently has been friend zoned and ‘a shoulder to cry on’ more than a male cheerleader.  Oh how I have been trying to subtly fill him with Red Pill Knowledge…

The point I want to make is that TBone is sympathetic to feminism but even he diagnosed Dan’s problem this way:

“Dan was dating Steph for four years, man, four years.  And no sex.  That shit got to him.  For four years, he had defined his life according to her, he thought they would be together. When it ended and then fucked that random to top it off, he had no purpose, like he was aimlessly floating, like the last four years had been a waste.”

In other words, Dan made it his main purpose in life to supplicate himself for his girl, like a good Beta should…but the attraction wasn’t there (for her).  When the walls came tumbling down and reality was revealed, Dan couldn’t handle it.   I mean hell, what would you think if you had just poured four years of your prime into a relationship with someone who you didn’t make tingle enough to have sex with you???  You’d feel like a worthless, no-good piece of dung.  I’m actually getting angry writing this, but I can’t help but realize that the anger is misdirected.  TheGF tried to be a good GF, she TRIED to be attracted to him, but…couldn’t.  What she needed, wanted was the impossible: for Dan to man up and become more of a man, more masculine.  She couldn’t make him change.  Dan had to do it himself.

So, four years and no physical intimacy in your late teens and 20s.  Talk about creating a worldview of scarcity mentality in terms of girls.

Don’t feminists understand that this is why a lot of guys are so pissed off?  That most of the manosphere isn’t misogynist, but that they just feel like it is no longer okay for them to man up?  That every guy who follows the feminist mold for males will get screwed (sorry, I meant not screwed) like my friend Dan did? That this is why most guys learn game?  So they can manage relationships better, not so that they can slam 100 boxes per year?

*        *            *

I said something to TBone and Dan the other day that seemed to confuse the hell out of them. We had been out at a bar and these 2 slutty seeming girls had tried to follow my friends and I to a late night bar in an attempt to hook up with one of us.  Tbone and Dan aren’t as huge bar hounds as I am, and were surprised by their behavior. We are driving home, having a debate about prostitution and paying for sex, and I make an off-hand remark worth noting here:

“Damn TBone, but American girls are so slutty these days anyway.  Why the fuck would anyone even need to pay for sex? I mean you saw those girls tonight.”

Dan and TBone looked at me, but almost through me. It was as if I just told them that string theory now proved that God existed.  I saw it in their eyes…they had no idea, and were not even close to finding, what it would be like to perceive an abundance mentality when it comes to women.  They were still fighting to get out of the friend zone with the world.

Most guys still don’t get it.  I don’t know if they are scared of the red pill or what, but they can’t make themselves take it.

Men, find your purpose.  While you are young, lend yourself to as many new experiences while you can handle.  Travel, lift, read, watch good movies, talk to intelligent people about their passions.  Find a good mentor.  Have role models.  Yea, school can be good but above all learn things from people you meet.   If people treat you like you are worthless, move on.  If girls blueball you, move on.   When you are secure in your position in life, then think about finding a woman to support you in your journey…if that’s what you’re into.

4 responses to “The Virginity Losing Aftermath

  1. “I saw it in their eyes…they had no idea, and were not even close to finding, what it would be like to perceive an abundance mentality when it comes to women. They were still fighting to get out of the friend zone with the world. Most guys still don’t get it. I don’t know if they are scared of the red pill or what, but they can’t make themselves take it.”

    So, so true. I’ve been trying to give a bit of redpill advice to a guy I work with because he is so damn nice and constantly striking out, but he just can’t take anything onboard. Not much we can do when they refuse to see reality.

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  3. In my one and only relationship so far I was the one that “held the keys” as it were, the one who actually wanted to wait until marriage(was still semi-deluded at that time) to have sex both for personal and practical reasons. Personal-religious and the like, practical-avoid pregnancies, not get stds, etc. My ex said she was a “good Catholic girl” yet she was always the one trying to jump me and get me drunk so I would sleep with her. I refused to drink anything with her knowing her intentions and just because I don’t drink at all in general because of my grandmother’s heavy alcoholism and how it and chain smoking destroyed her body. After nearly 2 years of nagging in a moment of weakness I finally caved in and just after starting had a mental and emotional breakdown, while she of course was whining that I wasn’t man enough to finish the job. As an added bonus she thought of this as a “birthday present” for me, lucky me-getting a mental breakdown as a gift, and being near suicidal from that on top of all the other shit she pulled and abuse during that time. I was at that point basically emotionally catatonic and knew I had to get out before I ended up in either the hospital or the morgue. Now a year and a half later I’m more or less back to “normal” and have mostly recovered, and back to my previous commitment to myself of no romantic relationships-and no sex because that just complicates things

  4. “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink.”

    Show your unenlightened buddies the ways of the red pill, but realize that most of them will too vested in their oppressive belief system to change. Trying to change them will make them angry with you.

    Leave them be and get new friends to go out with.

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