Do Good-looking Guys Need Game?

I’m a modest guy in general.  Blame my midwestern upbringing, or blame whoever, but I don’t give myself enough credit and it has hurt me in my dealings with women. Keanu is attractive, bottom line.  It is not uncommon for me to get approached by women without even talking to them.  By not uncommon, what do I mean? Let’s see…

Yesterday, at work, from my boss: “Hey Keanu, I want to ask you a non work related question.”

Keanu: “Okay.”

Boss (leans in): “Are you…’available’?”

Saturday night at a bar, 2:30 a.m.: “Hey.  Nice shirt.  Are you Latino?” (I was wearing a soccer jersey)

So these were from the past week…Thanks mom and dad for my tall stature, facial symmetry, and long eyelashes!

Even though being good looking can help you out with girls, it won’t help you seal the deal. For that, you must have game.

I was recently reflecting on how much I got friend-zoned by girls I knew during my freshmen year of college.  The thing is, if I had even an ounce of game the friend zone would have never happened.  The first friend zone experience:

Freshmen year, on move in day, a cute sophomore girl was helping my roommate move his boxes into our room as part of a move-in volunteer corps.  Well, she ended up talking to me, getting my number, and saying that I should swing by her dorm later for drinks.  I’m sold.

She texts me later.  Come by at 7, she says.  Cool, I think.  This girl seems nice and is cute.  I head over to her dorm, alone.  I arrive at 7, not drunk.  There is a crowd of people outside playing bags.  I walk right up to her.

“Hey Marta whats up?”

“Oh hey…”

“So what are you guys up to?  Do you want to hang?” I say earnestly, respectfully.

I’m not sure of the particulars of the dialogue that transpired after that, but within 30 minutes she was ignoring me and talking to some other dudes.  And yea, maybe she used me for a pawn to make some other guy jealous or whatever.  But she made it suddenly clear to me by distancing herself that a romantic thing was not happening for me, with her, in the near future.  Especially not tonight.  Blue Pill Keanu was shocked and pissed.  Red Pill Keanu is not at all surprised by her reaction. Let’s break down how she probably perceived me. I had:

1) Rolled up alone, no bros or sidepieces

2) Rolled up not drunk

3) Rolled up on time.

What I should have done:

1) Rolled at least 8-9 bros deep.  The deeper the better.  Ideally with some ladies too

2) Rolled up packing heat of the whisky sort, possibly with Keystone Light to chase

3) Rolled up at least one hour late and made no apology.

Mainstream romance advice columnists would no doubt call this advice ‘manipulative’ and somehow wrong.  But no.  Just the facts. This would have worked.  Girls cannot resist the allure of 10 bros rolling around drunk, chanting shit, and making fun of everyone in their path.  I don’t know, something about the tribe, loyalty, gets the panties wet. It’s not phony, just setting yourself up for success, and making sure the girl’s perception of you shows ‘who you really are’ and at the same time gets her tingles going.

But alas, 18 year old me spent that night alone in my dorm room, trying to figure out where I went wrong, how I could have better to met Marta’s needs. I focused not the specific words I said to her.  Why could I not see?  The whole environment was off if attraction was going to take place.  I was trying to make a nail go in with a screw.

If even sexy-ass Keanu can get friend-zoned, then what hope is there for my game-less brethren?

The time is now: learn game. Embrace self-improvement in the area of your life that is undoubtedly applicable: how to deal with women. Unlike all those shitty bio, chem, math, and foreign language courses you poured years of work into during high school and got next to nothing out of, you can rest assured you’ll be dealing with women for, oh, a few hours a day at least, until the day you die…

Blue Pill Post Coming soon:

Blue Pill Keanu Still Shames Fatties

6 responses to “Do Good-looking Guys Need Game?

  1. This seems to be the oldest questions in the seduction community and by extension the gamesphere.

    I seem to be the only 1 of the opinion that good-looking men don’t get laid.

    Let’s assume that good-looking guys don’t need game. There will come a point in the pickup where game and savviness are required to get laid. So even if a guy is super attractive and has no game, it will hamper him big time still.

    And come on, “Keanu gets approached by women”? Really!?

    Women don’t approach men, especially attractive ones, so you must not be that attractive as you claim if women opens you regularly.

    I’m very attractive, hot and have an above average face (plus body, 6’3), yet I don’t recall a woman ever approaching me in my entire life.

    Sure they approach and ask random questions as you’d pointed out about jersey, etc., but it’s sure not a direct approach to say “I like you, what’s your name”.

    I’m not hating. I as a guy with the looks to die for with a ripped and athlethic-built body, that never got me laid. Before I became a pick-up artist, those great features weren’t getting me laid.

    • By ‘approached’ I just mean that a woman will make the first move on me. In my mind “Hi, where is that jersey from’ means “Hi, will you please run some game on me?”

      • I get what you mean now. But that is essentially an indirect approach. You obviously know this, but women are very savvy when it comes to letting their intentions fly under the radar.

      • Really, I just wanted to set up the story with actual evidence that I am good looking so the reader could have evidence without having seen me. The point I wanted to make is that Pre-redpill, I didn’t understand that when most girls say something like you in a bar or a social situation, they are basically giving you an open invitation to shamelessly hit on them. But even if you are pretty good looking, girls are not going to game themselves–you have to take the initiative.

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