Game for a Larger Market

CH has been on fire lately.  I am in particular drawn to a conclusion of a recent post of his:

…This bizarre epoch will come to be seen as a time when women were led so far astray that they became, socially and biologically, men. And men, for their part, became manboobs.

I am hopeful that the conclusion of a recent post will prove accurate. But how will it happen?  There will have to be a major cultural shift in order for his theory come to pass.

To me, the most important question of the manosphere is how to reach the younger audience effectively?  How can another generation of men be halted from growing up afraid of their own masculinity, only to discover once it is too late that they had been entirely mislead, that everything they have learned about how to have effective relationships with women has been wrong?

I’m simplifying here, but the manosphere has several different camps to it.  A lot of the comments I read are from guys who have been burned in a divorce, or who are already married and trying to make the most of their relationship with their wife and trying to keep the bedroom as fun as possible.  The older manosphere crowd, if you will.

There is a third younger camp that the manosphere/game blogs appeal to, and it is interesting to delve into why. What kind of young demographic find and follow manosphere blogs? On the other hand, what does a true alpha who has never had any trouble getting pussy think of a book like a game?  One friend of mine, who is as Alpha as they come, had this to say:

“A few weeks after reading it, I ran into some girl in a bar when the subject of the book ‘The Game’ came up.  I told her I thought it was fucking stupid.  And yea, she laid me that night, ironically.”

Even though blogging doesn’t make you Beta, I think it’s fair to say that most natural Alphas are not concerned (especially at their younger age) with a game blog or adding to the manosphere.  Ladies come too easy to them, anyway.  And they are busy fucking and

It’s easy in the manosphere to keep droning on and on about examples of how the fem-centric sphere is destroying positive masculinity, demonizing male desire while pedestalizing women.  But what does repetitive whining do?  To a degree is it necessary to point out how the fem-matrix is everywhere, but only to a point.

I read on one manosphere blog recently, “when the problems of the world turn too great, the powers that be will surely turn to our corner of the internet for answers.” Really?  I highly, highly doubt this.  I think this is self-aggrandizing delusion.  Hate to burst your bubble.

I don’t mean to discount the ideas of the ‘sphere.  Quite the contrary.  Anyone who has tried even the slightest bit of game becomes attuned to how accurately it describes human nature, for better or for worse.

My prediction: When a product/show with game underlinings becomes mainstream in the next few years, it will be because it is ‘cool’ to share with friends in all circles, a la Tucker Max. And it will be a BIG deal.  I love Roosh and I think BANG is a great read for anyone trying to develop a specific social skill set with girls (maybe the best pickup book out there), but he’s too extreme for the mainstream.

What the manosphere needs is a spokesperson that can speak manosphere and mainstream at the same time.  This person will be very famous, and will probably come around in the next decade or so.  He will be the “Neo” that will make masculine cool again.

Btw, Keanu is my pen name because it was my nickname at college, not because of some Matrix fetish I have.  I’ve only seen the first one, actually.

One response to “Game for a Larger Market

  1. I actually didn’t even connect your name to the movie. But yeah, mental masturbation isn’t helping a lot of people. It seems that too many people in the manosphere are too concerned with discussing Game rather than running and implementing it. Oh well. There was some guy that people were murmuring about who was a mainstream red pill guy but his name slips my mind at the moment…

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