First Edition of YMRP Link Love and a Little about Me

I’ve been reading mano blogs since about last February when I randomly googled ‘reviews of Tucker Max Hilarity Ensues’ and read an extremely thought provoking piece written by frost.  Incidentally, I had also just finished reading ‘The Game,’ which was my introduction into the world of pick up artists.  I clicked around the Freedom 25 blogroll and before I knew it I had discovered the New Age Tucker (FFY), Roosh, and others.  I quickly realized that the manosphere was, essentially, the continuation of the Tucker Max forums I had witnessed in their infancy.

This was a huge coincidence for me, as I had been living in an extremely isolated situation in rural Latin America for two years (no internet), yet I had had some epiphanies in my time of reflection about American culture and, I shit you not, swore to my friends that when I got back I was going to start a blog explaining ‘everything that is wrong with sexual relations and male shaming today, because it’s a market that needs to be opened.’

In case that doesn’t seem shocking let me reiterate: I felt something was so wrong with American inter gender relations that I literally started writing a book on the subject while living in complete isolation of American culture, and without any influence from the manosphere or game blogs.  (chapters from which may make it onto this blog sometime soon).  My own enlightenment had more to do with seeing how genders related in Latin America and comparing that with my own experience in a very, very, VERY liberal-artsy gender neutral grrrrrrl power girls good and boys bad university environment.

Little did I know, the manosphere already existed.  I was flabbergasted to see that many words and stories were already in existence of frustrated, over-feminized men who felt like they had been sold a false worldview. I felt like the manosphere might have mined the depths of my own shamed male consciousness to find its content.  I was hooked.  It’s been an wild intellectual ride ever since.  The red pill is still settling for me.

Anyhow, today I am going to link to a few of my favorite posts:

Danger and Play is stepping his game up lately with a new format.  This post about the Men’s Health editors marketing LeanGains 100x better than its proprietor is interesting and serves as a good lesson:

Execution Trumps Idea

I have always felt Donlak marches to the beat of his own red pill drum, and I love his posts for it.  This one is possibly my all-time favorite manosphere post.  Red pill logic at its finest:

Marriage lacks cultural significance – or, what’s in a name change?

This post is on Dannyfrom504’s blog, but written by Deti.  Solid advice for your son, or daughter, but mostly your son (wish I had seen this maybe 9-10 years ago):

Advice for your son

Lastly, a shotout to the ladies of the ‘sphere and everywhere, the ones who are smart enough to realize when you are getting wasted with friends and everyone is blacked out, who the fuck knows what just happened:

Good thing Keanu is sexy

I’ve gotta lotta post ideas fresh in the head. So far this blog has been a little vague with my story so y’all can get to know Keanu a little better in subsequent posts.

Keanu is a truth seeking 20 something who enjoys decoding what women really want. Tune in next time for more decodification of the complex sex.

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