Girlfriend Game: Reading Between the Lines

One of the biggest benefits to the red pill is being able to consciously see through the shit that women say, and remember that words do not necessarily correlate with desire.  Recently, I had an experience with my girlfriend which illustrates this phenomenon perfectly.

It is 10 am in New Orleans after a late night out.  My gf and I are just coming to, and we have to check out of our hotel soon.  In each other’s caress, we start to kiss and grope a little.   Then she says “We shouldn’t…we have to check out soon.”

Wow.  I stop and let her words run through my head.  She says she doesn’t want to hook up with you, Keanu. Okay? Well what should I do? Hmmmmm.  I guess I should respect her wishes?

Pre-red pill, I probably would have pushed through anyways and hooked up with her.  It’s hard to stop a guy in his early 20’s with a chubby from having sex.  Afterwards, I probably would have felt guilty about it though, as if she didn’t totally want to have sex with me (even though this is one of the loves of my life).  Keanu, fortunately though, has come to understand gamespeak.  So let’s translate what she said to what she actually meant when we read between the lines:

GF (actual English words): “We shouldn’t…we have to check out soon.” 

GF (Gamespeak translation):  “Really, you think I care if we check out like 20 minutes late?  Shit, they aren’t even going to charge us. I could care less about checking out of here on time…but I need you to take the initiative right now.  I need you to BE A MAN, take control of the situation, and fuck the shit out of me.  I want to feel like you want it so bad that you are OVERCOME with lust for me, and even though I try (a little) to slow you down, you still want me so much that you just take me over.


We fucked.  We both loved it. Yea, we were like 40 minutes late for checkout. And well worth it, we both agreed.  Neither of us felt bad.  

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the red pill in a nutshell. It is the conscious knowledge of a disconnect between words and reality.  And it allows you to not feel bad about hooking up with your GF when she shit tests you.  Happy swallowing.


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