Game 101: No Shame in Your Drunk Game

I just got back today from ‘Nawlins.  That’s New Orleans for all y’all northerners.  And my god, is that city amazing.  The music, the drinking, the atmosphere, the general vibe.  I could go on and on.  Shotout to Danny from 504 for some sweet recommendations on hotspots.  I’m a bit tired right now but I wanted to post this while it was still fresh in my memory. This is my first realtime game account.

The scene is my GF and I’s hotel room, as we wake up hungover after a crazy night of drinking, dancing and debauchery on Bourbon Street:

Me “Whoa what happened last night?  I totally blacked out after we left the last bar”

theGF: “Well, uh, we came back and…wait you don’t remember last night??? You requested, no, you DEMANDED I put a little show on for you in my lingerie”

Me “Oh, sweet.  How was it?”

theGF: “HOW WAS IT?  I was about about to just jump into bed with you when stopped me short with a ‘whoa whoa whoa hold it’ followed by a finger twirling motion.  I guess you wanted to see me from all angles”

Me “muhaha, drunk Keanu’s game is off the hook”

theGF (playful) “Shut up. I am NOT going to do any more shows for you when you are drunk”

Me “On the contrary, put it on right now. Morning showtime!”

She put it on, and I got a rerun within minutes. We had morning sex.  The end.

You can take what game lessons you want from this interaction, but personally, I think that just getting drunk and letting autopilot take over works wonders sometimes.  At the very least it assures that you keep your intentions clear!

And never apologize for shit you do when you are drunk. A small part of me was about to say ‘oh, I made you do a show for me last night and I don’t remember?  That’s so mean I’m sorry.’  That would have been dumb as shit.  Agree and fucking amplify that shit.  Why the fuck would you ever feel ashamed for telling your gf to put a show on for you?  You wouldn’t.  So don’t.  In only rare circumstances should you communicate shame.

3 responses to “Game 101: No Shame in Your Drunk Game


    You can’t consent to sexual activity when you’re drunk.

    You should press charges. That bitch!

    My husband was loaded last night and I fucked him anyways. You can go to the police station together.

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