Any Aggression is Wrong or the Beta White Knight intervenes

Watching Patrice O’neal take on the PC police is incredible:

“Now, what would you do if you were walking through the halls and you overheard a girl talking to someone else about her boyfriend’s aggressive behavior?”


“Yes, that’s right. You should report it immediately so that the proper action is taken toward the boy.”

This is a true dialogue that occurred in an anti-bullying program in Suburban Creamcheeseland, USA.  It is one example in thousands.  It pains me to report that this is a true story.

So, to get this straight, kids are encouraged to tattle tale, to REPORT a boy who some girl has been heard saying that he was possibly ‘aggressive.’  This is the sort of thing that needs investigating these days, regardless of the details.  What does ‘aggressive’ mean?  Is he texting her a lot to try to go out with her?  Did he try to kiss her last night and get shut down?  Or maybe he tried to go a little bit further?  I can just imagine how this confrontation will go.

“So, Trevor, we have reports of you being, well, aggressive toward your girlfriend Tammy.  What do you have to say for yourself?”

“Well Mr. principal, my gf and I were making out the other day and I got a boner.  I wanted to escalate things past 2nd base but she said no, said I was being too aggressive.  3 months, and she still won’t help me out.  Definitely marriage material, wouldn’t you say?”

Believe me, I am the first one to denounce domestic violence.  And I know I may be cherry picking an example of idiocy here.  But the problem is, I don’t think I am.  I think this kind of ‘women are wonderful’ mentality is past the point of logic, to the point where it is causing the pussification of guys.  In said discussion tried to add some logic to our discussion of bullying, and how maybe we should use some discretion, but I was hushed to a shocked crowd that I would even question the value of investigating every overheard adjective of ‘aggression.’

And the thing is, most guys will probably take this to heart.  They’ll be so non-agressive just to err on the side of caution.  Better to be a beta than to force confrontation, the masses will think.

Then some day, after watching the asshole who always got in fights get the girl, they’ll discover the manosphere, learn game, and rediscover what it takes to be a man.

Now a contrasting story from a marine buddy, a jacked black dude.

Enjoying a late night McDonald’s hamburger while bickering with his girlfriend and telling her to ‘shut up,’ and he might have thrown “you’re a bitch” in there somewhere (she was being an idiot, they were drunk), Mr. Beta walks over to my friend.  He’s got his pussy friends ‘backing him’ from about 10 feet back.  Mr. B has clearly made up his mind that he is going to ‘say something.’

Mr. B: “Hey.  You can’t be talking to a girl like that.”

Jacked marine: “Shut up.  I’ll talk to her however I fucking want.”

Mr B procedes to whip out a knife, but instinctually, marine jacks him square in the jaw with a right hook before he gets it all the way out of his pocket.  Marine’s hands are cut but not badly with the knife.  His friends came up like they are going to ‘do something.’  Yea…you just saw your friend get knocked the fuck out, so that was doubtful.

Let’s rewind for a second.  After hours McDonalds….random guy thinks he needs to interject in a private conversation to defend the honor of all women…brings a fucking KNIFE to make his point…gets decked.  And it’s not like marine wanted to get physical with anyone.

To recap: random white knight defending a woman after hearing an argument completely out of context.  I guess he was raised in the anti-bullying program any drift of meanness being investigated.  It is indeed a very peculiar era we live in.

Sometimes I think about the manosphere and if it will be a meaningless blip on the socio-historic radar, or if it is the 21st century intellectual equivalent of Freud and Jung writing letters back and forth.  Apple and oranges I suppose, but one thing is for sure: beta-ization is still on the upswing.  A new generation of men is coming up and many of them will undoubtedly go along will go along with feminist WAW (women are wonderful) mentalities.

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