Make the World your Oyster

It’s the feeling of excitement you get when you step off the plane to live, study, or even just stay a few days in a new city.

It’s the thirst you have to seek out a new adventure every day, even if all you are doing is getting on the bus and going to work or school.

It’s the realization of the fact that you are going to die one day and you had better make the most out of every moment you have on this earth.

It’s acting on that realization, and not just thinking about it.

It’s the zest for life that makes you want to talk to elderly women at the bus stop and to drunken old men at that hole in the wall bar.  You want to hear their story not because it’s the cool thing to do but because everyone has one and you just might learn something.

It’s the feeling that was you are doing today has purpose.  That today will be fun.

It’s the ‘World is your Oyster’ feeling.  Some days you may feel its presence more than others.  If you get into a funk, you might not have it for months at a time.  Maybe some periods of your life pull you into an introspective, or workaholic mode.  And that’s fine, long as it’s not a permanent feeling.

Back at home after years of travel, I can feel my own ‘the world is my oyster’ feeling disappearing.  I surrender myself to my 9-5ish job, my commute, I fall back into old friendships, old habits. I sit in my parent’s house and channel surf shitty ass tv as old people walk their dogs in front of my house. Old apathy toward making the world my oyster.  I avoid controversial topics of conversation with friends and family. A month into my new job, I’m too tired to post on this blog, finish the book I am writing, or  I decide that no, I actually can’t change the world, so I should stop putting in so much effort trying to.

But that ‘the world is my oyster feeling’ is perhaps the most important feeling in the world to have.  Once you lose it, really what are you besides a dead man?  If your normal does not include the seeking out of any new experiences as a man in your mid-twenties, I have some bad news: it’s not going to get any easier later.

So embrace the world as your oyster.  Embrace life.  Make it your default position.  If you are married, fuck it, embrace game and learn to classily flirt your ass off with women.  You know your wife or girlfriend (if she is worth anything) is getting flirted with. She’s spending some poor sapp’s money on her bachelerette trip to Vegas.  It’s only fair that you keep your game sharp.

There is no special, magic formula to use or book that can show you the way to keep the world as your oyster.  The secret is there is no secret.  Every single game or self-help book boils down to one thing: get out and live and do not fear failure or rejection.  And then learn from your failures.

Our time on this earth is limited.  Make the most of it while you can, starting with today.

3 responses to “Make the World your Oyster

  1. That was a really well written opening. Really dug the analogy. Some days and certain activities, I wake up knowing I am going to dominate. I get a craving for xyz and I know because the throught crossed my mind I can do it and I will get it. Problem is, it is not everyday I wake up with that feeling. I find that talking to everyone, like you mentioned helps. Also, have some WRITTEN goals.

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