Throwing in the towel (on life)

The guy had the body type that makes you understand where the phrase ‘spare tire’ comes from. He was probably about 50 years old, and at least 270 lbs, with all the weight around his waist.  He was well spoken though, and he organized us very efficiently as we took our team pictures; he was a good guy. I thought of the minor irony that the man himself was probably not requested to have many pics taken of him.

He was well spoken though, and I felt a pang of sadness for the fact that he was so fat. My mind wandered to a sex life might be for a person so obese. I mean if his wife’s arms were strong enough to lift up his flab long enough to give him a beej, more power to her, but I sincerely doubted that as a physical possibility because of the serious camel toe he had going on.  Unless he had the most dedicated of spouses, she wasn’t begging for a ride on PictureGuy’s tiny unicorn express.  It got me thinking, when did he throw in the towel on life? Or, at least, the physical part of his existence?  When did he accept his fat self?

One day did he wake up and say, you know what, fuck it, I am going to eat McDonalds 4 times a week and stop working out?

Maybe he went through a tough, stressful time in life, and fell into some unhealthy habits and never fell out.

Or, maybe he has just always been kind of a loser.  I mean, let’s face it: his job is as a picture guy.

Then I realized that most likely, it was none of these three.  Okay maybe it was #3.  But as a 20-something starting out in the workforce, I am seeing exactly why lots of people ‘throw in the towel.’  The way I see it, in your mid-twenties, you have a few different ways you can deal with post-college/beginning the real world depression.  The realization that you not only have to work an often boring 9-5 but also have to do things you have taken for granted like cook for yourself can often send you reeling.  Often your response to such stresses will be to not confront them at all, and as a result many people make unhealthy lifestyle choices. This is unacceptable if you want to still be enjoying life 30 years from now, and even right now.  DO NOT let the prevailing culture of fat unhealthiness seep into you, ESPECIALLY when you are just developing your habits.  It is imperative to have a strong frame in terms of being healthy.

Here are a couple of questions to ask yourself if you want to figure out out strong your frame is in terms of having a healthy lifestyle:

1) It’s 11 p.m. on a Tuesday.  You have to wake up tomorrow at 5:45 for work.  You have no lunch ready for tomorrow.  Do you

A) Decide that a Mickey D’s will work for tomorrow’s lunch

B) Go a little ‘healthier’ and shoot for Jimmy John’s or Subway

C) Decide that diet > 30 mins of sleep and bake up some salmon to make a salad for tomorrow

D) You made all of your healthy meals for the week on Sunday night, so you are already good to go.

2) Your somewhat annoying but sometimes cool work friend keeps pestering you to go out for him after work on Friday afternoon, your big lifting day. Do you

A) Say for sure, go out and get hammered with him and forget about whatever else you were going to do Friday

B) Tell him to go stuff himself and lift anyway

C) You already had plans to work out with with your training buddy and then go out with awesome people after, so you have to decline the invite politely

Obviously C for (1) and B for (2) would result in the same health benefits, but they still aren’t ideal.  Good habits require forethought.  If you chose D and C, you are not just making healthy choices but planning your day-to-day around a healthy lifestyle.  Plan healthy, then add on from there.

Or, fuck it, just throw in the towel and do nothing.  But the thing is, either you are getting fitter and developing healthy habits, or you are getting fatter and doing nothing.  There is no in between.

On the other hand, who am I to judge?  Maybe it’s just time to accept fat acceptance.

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